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Thread: How to restore a bricked Asus Nexus 7?

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    How to restore a bricked Asus Nexus 7?

    Asus Nexus 7 is really an amazing device. However yesterday night I was thinking about rooting and loading a new ROM and also to recover from a brick. Is it really possible to restore a bricked Asus Nexus 7? If yes then how? Does anyone know the steps to restore Asus Nexus 7 as bricked?

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    Re: How to restore a bricked Asus Nexus 7?

    Yes, it is possible to root and restore a bricked Asus Nexus 7. I read this somewhere in an article where they mentioned about installing recoveries and ROMs and recover through an unbootable Device.
    Anyways if you are in need of the complete procedure of restoring your Nexus 7 then I will help you with the normal steps. One of my friends tied to do it with the help of Google N7 image. Yes, you will need to download the Google N7 image in order to restore perfectly:

    • The first thing you will have to do is press the power button; make sure to keep the power button pressed until the Google symbol appears
    • Once the logo is visible simply press the Volume down button. Now you will be able to see bootloader
    • Now here comes the N7 Google image into picture. Download the N7 Google image and then connect your device to your Mac or Linux system
    • Now after to plugged the device type in the following ./
    • Now you need not have to do anything. Let the process get complete. It might take 5 to 10 minutes

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    Re: How to restore a bricked Asus Nexus 7?

    If you have a Android SDK installed on your system you will find my post more useful. Only with the help of Android SDK you will be able to get platform tools.

    Now you might be thinking why exactly we need a platform tools. For your kind information only with the help of this platform tools folder you will be able to unrar the downloaded Googles N7 image. You will get the Android SDK from the official site of android developers and for downloading the Google N7 image you will have to visit Google developerís page on internet. Only then you can perform the above steps.

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    Re: How to restore a bricked Asus Nexus 7?

    Below is the download link of all those things which is necessary for you to perform the restore procedure in your bricked Asus Nexus 7.
    For downloading Google's Android SDK click the following link: Android SDK
    And here is the download link for Googleís N7 image: Factory Images "nakasi" for Nexus 7
    if you are looking out for the factory image of your other Nexus model then: Click Here

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    Re: How to restore a bricked Asus Nexus 7?

    The steps that have been mentioned above are fine but I donít think they have been explained systematically. i would first suggest you download the both Android SDK and Google N7 image. Only then go for following the steps:

    • After you are done with downloading, unrar Google N7 image in the platform-tools folder. But along also make sure that Nexus 7 is in the bootloader. Follow the above power + volume down key to get your device in bootloader.
    • Now connect the device to your Mac or Linux machine and then into your systemís terminal and type in ./ or sudo ./

    Thatís it you are done with your procedure.

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    Re: How to restore a bricked Asus Nexus 7?

    I am sure people must be thinking about the operating system platform. In all the above replies even I noticed that the recovery steps for a bricked N7 is possible for only Mac and Linux machine and nowhere they mentioned about the windows system.

    I have a trick for the windows user. If you do not have Mac or Linux what you can do is simply download and then install Sun's VirtualBox and then install Ubuntu. Its very easy to use in recovery steps.

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