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Thread: information and download of software update 4.1 for Kindle WiFi 4th Gen

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    information and download of software update 4.1 for Kindle WiFi 4th Gen

    My Kindle Wifi 4th Gen is newly bought and I really loved it. Yesterday I was planning to update the device but due to lack of knowledge I was not even able to search for the necessary update.

    After trying out a lot I managed to know which software update is actually needed for my device. It was 4.1 but unfortunately this is the only information I have about this update. Anyways is there anyone else with the sufficient amount of details information about Kindle WiFi 4th Gen 4.1 update please posts here. And if possible also help me getting the download link for the update.

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    Re: information and download of software update 4.1 for Kindle WiFi 4th Gen

    First of all I must say that Kindle WiFi 4th Gen is truly the current time cheapest and the best Kindle reader. Above it the software update 4.1 which has been released for this device is more impressive. Most of the updates are released with an intention of fixing bugs and other device related issues, even 4.1 must have released with the same intention but there are other more impressive features that has been added along with the update. The most discussed and attractive feature introduced in this update is improved reading font which adds up crisper and better contrast quality which makes the reading of more better by providing a paper like format.

    Along with this feature this update also has many other functions like automatic keyboard, Airplane mode and parental Control. Also the update has better image viewing quality and improved table which makes handling and accessing better.

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    Re: information and download of software update 4.1 for Kindle WiFi 4th Gen

    I am sure you will like the update. It is really amazing and productive. Nowhere you will find this update faulty or something. In fact this update will improve your experience more than what you used to feel previously. I have done this update in my kindle wifi 4th Gen and really loving it. I would suggest you to go for this software update with any second though. If you prefer to download the update then here it is for you.
    Kindle wifi 4th Gen 4.1.0 Firmware update

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    Re: information and download of software update 4.1 for Kindle WiFi 4th Gen

    Now one of two there are multiple features that have been introduced with the latest update which is the best part of it. No other firmware update does it in this way. If you notice the other device’s firmware update comes up with fixes for the pre-existing issues and then along with that if possible they do introduce one or two additional features (running the device faster and smoother is a by default feature), but the case is not the same with Kindle 4th Gen 4.1.0 update. 4.1.0 Update obviously do possess the above features but along with that it also have many other impressive ones. Some of them are listed above but the one that has impressed me is Kindle format 8.

    Yes with the update your device will start the support for Kindle Format 8. Format 8 will not just include formatting but also it will improve the layout. Also you will get a better image viewer along with the table. This will allow the users for zooming and panning in format 8 books.

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    Re: information and download of software update 4.1 for Kindle WiFi 4th Gen

    We can overall say that this new update has mostly focused on the children’s requirement. If you check out the features almost all of them are for the benefit of kids. Also the update has made sure that children may not get into bad intention of faulty access and therefore parental control has also been introduced with the update. Hope you all know what exactly parental control does; it will help you restrict your children from accessing adult contents.

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    Re: information and download of software update 4.1 for Kindle WiFi 4th Gen

    I do agree with your point. Even I feel that the update has been introduced which is preferable for kids. you may find many other features which are just for the benefit of children.

    • Comic books
    • Children's books
    • Parental Controls
    • Dictionaries Collection

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    Re: information and download of software update 4.1 for Kindle WiFi 4th Gen

    Hope you have got enough information about the update and its advantages. As you have received the download link of the update I would help you with the further procedure. And the precautions that you need to take before you download the update in your device.
    • The first thing you need to make sure is check the current software version you are running into your device. Check the existing version is necessary because there are chances that you might already be having the latest version installed into it. So therefore downloading it once again will be of no use, also there is possibility that the version you are presently having may not accept 4.1.0 into your device.
    • If the present version in your device is not the latest version then download the 4.1.0 update into your computer system from the above link
    • Once done with the update makes sure that using an USB cable to get it into your Kindle wifi 4th Gen reader
    • Before you proceed to perform the software update make sure that downloaded file is transferred completely into your Kindle drive

    Now for performing the software update in your Kindle:

    1.Kindle Home Screen
    2.Menu > Settings
    3.Again press the menu button
    4.Select the option “Update your Kindle” and press OK

    For your reference: your device will reboot two times for the first time it will reboot to start the update. Once the Update is done the device will again automatically reboot.

    Verify the Kindle update version installed into your device. It should be 4.1.0 in your settings.

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    Re: information and download of software update 4.1 for Kindle WiFi 4th Gen

    If this information is not sufficient for you then I would suggest you to visit the official page of Amazon, here search for this latest update of kindle 4.1.0. I am sure you will get it easily as this is one of the latest update released for Kindle 4th gen.

    Visit the Kindle Support and there you need to search for Kindle software updates. If searching for the update is difficult for you then do not worry I will help you out. Here is the link for the official update of kindle 4th gen reader. Note that this is an official update by Amazon so do not think that the information is fake or something.

    Amazon's Kindle 4th Gen 4.1.0 update information

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