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Thread: How to get APX and other modes in LG Optimus 4X HD?

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    How to get APX and other modes in LG Optimus 4X HD?

    Is there anyone with LG Optimus 4X HD smartphone? I know there are very few people who must have purchased this phone as it has been recently released. I am a fresh user of smartphone, before buying LG Optimus 4X HD I never had any smartphone with me. This is why I am facing many problems while accessing it.

    Anyways right now I am looking out for activating APX mode in my phone. Heard that it is possible to activate several mode in this phone including firmware upgrade mode. I am not sure whether it is true or not but I know that at least we can easily get APX mode in it. Guys if any of you is well aware of achieving APX mode then please let me know the steps for activating it. And yes, if possible also let me know the steps for activating other necessary modes (if there is any).

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    Re: How to get APX and other modes in LG Optimus 4X HD?

    Yes, you have heard it correctly. You can surely activate APX mode into your LG Optimus 4X HD smartphone. itís a simple one steps procedure. Just follow the below steps and get it done into your phone.

    • Hold down the volume buttons (make sure that you hold both volume increase and decrease button at the same time) at the time of pressing the power button.

    This is it, APX mode is activated. but I donít think it is that easy to activate the mode as there are many other necessary criteria to be fulfilled.

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    Re: How to get APX and other modes in LG Optimus 4X HD?

    Are you sure it is going to work for LG Optimus 4X HD phone. As there is no bootloader.bin in this phone how come we will be able to activate the mode? As far as I can understand bootloader.bin file is necessary for the procedure to be successfully implemented. I too have this phone and wanted to activate APX mode into it but after knowing the necessary criteria I dropped my idea. I am not sure what should be done in this case but I believe that if I use the bootloader.bin of HTC One X then somehow we can manage to do things successfully. Is it worthy getting a HTC One X bootloarder.bin?

    Also guys if possible let me know how to unlock the other following modes:

    • Safe Mode
    • Recovery Mode
    • Firmware upgrade mode

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    Re: How to get APX and other modes in LG Optimus 4X HD?

    Look I have not yet purchased a LG Optimus 4X HD and also I am not interested in buying it anyhow. But I have bit knowledge about certain common things like activating various modes into it.

    • For Safe mode you need to press down the Volume UP button along with the power button (both should be pressed at the same time)
    • For Recovery mode hold down the Volume DOWN button with the power button at bootup. Now there you need to released the power button as soon as you see the LG logo on your screen
    • Firmware upgrade mode, press down the Volume down button and power button at the time of power on

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    Re: How to get APX and other modes in LG Optimus 4X HD?

    You people missed out the battery mode. i donít know how many of you are already aware of this mode but I would like to add it into the list with the working steps. For activating the battery mode you people need to:
    First turn off your phone, then connect your phone to your computer system with the help of the USB cable and then turn on the phone

    Another thing I would like to add is with the other modes that has been updated above I donít think they are really working in this phone. I mean to say that there is some kind of issue that has been noted while activating those modes. Might be the phone is new and this is why the steps are causing some issue. I have personally tried them, didnít get a positive result.

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