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Thread: Does IPv6 also works for mobile phone

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    Does IPv6 also works for mobile phone

    I have heard that IPv6 works for computers but I wanted to know if it works for mobile phones as well or not?? If it works then which are the phones that supports IPv6?? Has anyone tried using the same by now?? I want to get much information on the same, any help regarding the same will be highly appreciated.

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    Re: Does IPv6 also works for mobile phone

    As far as I am aware latest mobile phones support IPv6 but to get it working it should be supported by the Network provider as well. I don’t think that any other network rather than T-Mobile USA supports IPv6. Actually even T-Mobile USA does not but they have started testing it out. They have an open beta for enabling IPv6 address but it is applicable for certain devices and not for all. Currently LG myTouch or myTouch Q,Unlocked Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S are said to be under testing and are expected to be approved sooner. Once they get approved other devices supporting IPv6 can enable the same as well.

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    Re: Does IPv6 also works for mobile phone

    This is the list that I have found regarding the status of IPv6 support in mobile devices:
    • Apple-iPad, iPhone and iPod touch are having IPv6 support.
    • Nokia – All Nokia S60 Series devices have IPv6 support
    • Android – Some devices have IPv6 support
    • Windows Phone - does not support IPv6 currently
    • Blackberry - Status unknown currently

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    Re: Does IPv6 also works for mobile phone

    Yes phones like Samsung Galaxy S III,Samsung Galaxy S II (with Android 4.0 Update),Galaxy Nexus (unlocked UMTS version, not the LTE version) and Nexus S (T-Mobile USA version) but there has been a lot of technical issues going around. There are a no of applications which are not working well with IPv6 currently and T-Mobile USA are working on the same so that it gets full support for the mobile devices. Their testing is under progress and they will soon give us good news.

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    Re: Does IPv6 also works for mobile phone

    One having phone that supports IPv6 can configure the phone for IPv6 .Below is an example of Samsung Android 4.0 (ICS) Nexus but you have to create IPv6 APN profile using the same configuration for other phones supporting IPv6 as well.

    Touch menu key> tap Settings> Select Wireless & networks> Select Mobile networks> Select Access Point Names> tap New APN> and set the below details:
    • Name = v6
    • APN =
    • APN protocol = IPv6
    • APN type = default

    Once you have entered the details then tap save, go back and select "v6" APN. When you are done with the same then "v6" APN by going to If at all you face issues with IPv6 then you can select back IPv4 default. Like one has mentioned above there are several apps that are not working with IPv6, so if your favorite apps does not work then IPv6 will be useless. I also wanted to add that IPv6 service is currently working in T-Mobile USA coverage and it does not work in domestic or international roaming for now.

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    Re: Does IPv6 also works for mobile phone

    There are too many applications that are working so it won’t be sensible to list them out, anyways I am just listing the ones that are not working.
    • Connection tracker
    • Crackle
    • DoubleTwist
    • Go SMS Pro
    • Google Market
    • Google Talk
    • Google+
    • IP Track
    • Lookout
    • Netflix
    • Skype
    • Texas Poker

    The test seems to be going on and we could see some more applications in the above list as not working.

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