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Thread: Nexus Q price is very high?

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    Nexus Q price is very high?

    Donít you people think that Nexus Q price is too high for a normal customers like us. I mean $299 is really too much for just a simple Nexus Q device. Already we all are well aware of the price of other such similar device of Apple like Apple TV. I never had Apple TV with me but as far as I know its pricing is far less than Nexus Q. I wouldnít have minded spending so much for Nexus Q if this device wouldnít have any complain or drawbacks that I have been hearing from past so many days. What do you guys think about the pricing aspect of this device? Isnít it too high?

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    Re: Nexus Q price is very high?

    Apple sold their Apple TV for just $99 where as Google is selling their Nexus Q for $299. There is almost a difference of $200. Google will have to think about it. Itís not that the Nexus Q has not impressed anyone, there are users who have really loved this device as it fulfills their core basic needs. Most of the users are not really concerned about its hardcore drawbacks but as soon as they hear the price of the device they simply divert their mind to something else. Even if someone like this device after knowing the high price I donít think they will pay so much for it.

    If Google is developing something to give a tough competition to Appleís devices then they will have to keep in mind that just developing the devices is not going to make it best, pricing should also be considered.

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    Re: Nexus Q price is very high?

    With huge numbers of limitations Nexus Q shouldnít have made so costly. At least at the intial time they should have sold it within the range of $100 to $150 but $299 is simply useless. No one is going to pay this amount. Better I would go with something else. Even if you buy the device you wont be able to enjoy it to the fullest until you unlock and root the device. I know mostly unlocking and rooting is not suggested but this is the only thing that could help you in getting the full utilization of this device. Who wants to pay $299 and void the warranty of their device? Nobody would like to do so.

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    Re: Nexus Q price is very high?

    The simplest reason why Google have priced Nexus Q for $299 is due to the heavy features added into it that we users are finding useless. Once if they manage to get the device resold without the amp then I think the price could be reduced. I really do not see the use of Amp in the device. The amp does really sounds great when connected the device to the speaker but however I personally feel that it is most meant for only those users who are really concerned of good music.

    I would only agree to play $299 for this device if and only if Google will agree to get the content of Netflix, Huluu Plus into it other than YouTube and Google Play.

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