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Thread: What is Nexus Q and what does it do?

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    What is Nexus Q and what does it do?

    I hope my title itself has made you to understand my question. From past one month I am hearing about this device a lot. What exactly Nexus Q is and what it is meant for? I know I am asking quite silly question but really I have no idea about this device. I wanted to know about it and if in case I like it then I hopefully I will buy this device. Guys anyone has any information about Nexus Q device then please share it with me. Share as much as information possible so that my concepts will be cleared and I would end up getting a clear picture.

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    Re: What is Nexus Q and what does it do?

    In a very simple words I would like to tell you that Nexus Q is a small rounded shape (hope at least you have seen it on internet) media streaming entertainment device. It has been developed by Google for Google Nexus family, this is why the reason its name is suggested as Nexus Q. this device is somewhat similar to Google TV. It helps in playing videos and other things from your Nexus tablet to your HDMI TV or also to a huge Speaker.

    I am not sure but I guess Nexus Q is running Android version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It is integrated with Google Play. Available at market from June for the decent amount of $299.

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    Re: What is Nexus Q and what does it do?

    Nexus Q has really created a lot of havoc in the market but however mostly it has collected negative comments and questions. Mostly people have started comparing it with the Google TV. In fact they believe that it is far away from Google TV as there is certain drawback with Nexus Q that is not being acceptable by the users. Hopefully if you understood what exactly Nexus Q means then I would proceed further with explaining its drawbacks.

    Firstly they say that there is no such restriction amongst the user. Anyone having a Nexus Tablet or smartphone can come up closer to Nexus Q device and edit the playlist that you have created. They also have rights to add or remove the track and also they can play anything of their choice until they have the rights on that track. In short I am just trying to explain that there are no restrictions on the accessing the device. No permission is to be taken to access and listen to your favorite track.

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    Re: What is Nexus Q and what does it do?

    Many of the people have not really liked the look of the Nexus Q where as others have loved this ball shaped device. People who are well aware of Apple TV will find it difficult to accept the design and shape of Nexus Q. even I was not really impressed with it as I would have preferred it as a square or a box shape. It do looks cool as a show piece but not as a device or as a gadget. The ports and jacks on the device are provided on the ball itself. Just move over your hand and there you are identifying the ports.
    It has the following ports:

    • Ethernet Port
    • Speaker Ports
    • AC-in Power
    • Optical Out
    • Micro USB
    • Micro HDMI

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    Re: What is Nexus Q and what does it do?

    This device for me has remained neutral. Neither had it impressed me a lot nor does it went below my expectations. Talking about the pricing, yes, for such a big amount this device has too small to do. It doesnít seem satisfying with its features. But however some of its concepts are really mind blowing which makes it completely different from the similar devices like Google TV and Apple TV.

    The one thing that hasimpressed me was the ability of streaming from our friendís libraries. But the limited access has again dropped the device down. Access to YouTube and Google Play is available but what about Netflix, Huluu Plus, Amazon Prime? They arenít in the list. i see a very confusing review of this device. In fact I myself have not been able to get it correctly with respect to anything it has. If it gains a point at certain place, on the other hand it looses the point at another place. Overall it is an average device at least for me.

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    Re: What is Nexus Q and what does it do?

    Its not only you who believe it as a weak device, even I am one amongst you. the price $299 is the main reason why people are ignoring it. They do not see any reason of spending up such huge amount for such limited featured device. The worst part is that if I have multiple rooms at my home and if at each room I have a TV installed then I guess I will have to install Nexus Q for each room i.e. I will have to purchase Nexus Q depending upon the number of rooms I have which is very much annoying. If we are able to access multiple TVs with just single Nexus Q then it would have been much better.

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