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Thread: Unable to activate iOS 6 Beta

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    Unable to activate iOS 6 Beta

    I have an iPad 2 and I just installed iOS 6 on it. I was very excited to get my iPad 2 updated. After download the new operating system and installing it in my device, I was surprised that it failed to activate itself. I mean I have an original iPad 2 and not some fake one and still activation of iOS 6 is denied. Every time I try to activate it, a message saying that device I am using is not part of this update. Also it shows that my iPad 2 isnít registered as recognized device. Can someone tell me what this problem is?

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    Re: Unable to activate iOS 6 Beta

    This is a common problem and many people in world who tried to update their devices to iOS 6 have faced this problem. Actually, this problem has occurred because the developers of iOS 6 had laid some restriction on the devices that should be compatible with iOS 6. But it seems that these features have created an unexpected bug that is showing more than needed devices and incompatible. The matter has been brought under the notice of Apple and they will soon provide us with some solution. I think till then we will need to again downgrade the operating system and wait till proper version of iOS 6 is released.

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    Re: Unable to activate iOS 6 Beta

    Actually I have found a way to eliminate this activation problem and get your device registered to have properly working iOS 6. First thing that you need to have is a developer’s account in Apple and your device registered with developer’s program. You will also need to have iOS 6 beta IPSW which is available at Apple’s developer section. You will find many unofficial versions of iOS 6 beta IPSW, but they might be fake or modified and not work as required.

    Now that you have all the resources available, connect your device to computer and start iTunes application. In the left sidebar, select the device that you want to have iOS 6 activated on. For Windows users, you will need to hold down the Shift key and then click on the ‘update’ or ‘check for update’ button present in iTunes. Similarly, for Mac users, you will have to hold down the Option key and then click on the ‘update’ or ‘check for update’ button present in iTunes. Now browse to the iOS 6 beta IPSW that you have downloaded on your computer and let the activation happen.

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    Re: Unable to activate iOS 6 Beta

    Many people have tried using the iOS 6 beta IPSW but still their device failed to register for iOS 6. If same thing happens when you try to register your device, you can get the things done properly from the person who has done his registering. Sometimes, iTunes has problem with certain IP addresses. So if someone elseís IP address worked for his device, it will work for your device too. There are some services in iOS 6 that will be registered during updating process itself. For activation of these services, some minimal fee is required. You have to provide it some source like PayPal to get the fees transferred or else iOS 6 wonít get registered.

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