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Thread: When Sony Xperia Acro S HD is releasing in India

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    When Sony Xperia Acro S HD is releasing in India

    When this phone is coming out in India and what can be the cost of same. I heard that this phone will be waterproof. Is that true. What would be operating system used in this. If it is Android then I hope this should JellyBean. Is there any specification released yet for the same. I tried to find the information on this in Sony retail outlet, but they said that they had not information on it. The images that are shown on web is exact the same or there would be changes.

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    Re: When Sony Xperia Acro S HD is releasing in India

    The phone is not yet announced. The final news on the same is yet pending. You can keep a eye on Sony website for that. I luckily found a small close up video of the phone on YouTube. It showed that the phone is going to be one of the best. It has a widescreen front lcd with 12megapixel camera. That is quiet enough for a smartphone and yes the phone is water proof. The body looks awesome, thin and stylish.

    I am sure when this phone comes in market it might lie between 25k to 35k. Because above that, can be too costly for such device. I am trying to find the exact release date of the same, but still no site gives final information. The phone looks awesome with all type of features that a smartphone should have. Like video streaming, hdmi output, etc. The phone looks a quiet bigger. I worry about the battery power. The phone is not going to land in India so soon. You can go through some of the best features of this phone which are mentioned on its official website.

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    Re: When Sony Xperia Acro S HD is releasing in India

    The price assumed by you can be correct. Such phones starts with 20K or 25K and even go higher depends on the response. Later on the price falls. It is a good phone. It has a front camera also which is 1.3mp.

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    Re: When Sony Xperia Acro S HD is releasing in India

    As the name of model says Sony Xperia Acro S HD, the phone is equipped to give you high definition videos and photos. It allows you to capture high quality scenes and play hd videos. The phone is quiet better compared to any other phone in the market. I had seen the same intro video of this phone which says that it has a hdmi port and you can simply sync your digital content on tv set. What I am not able to find out is the internal storage space and cpu used in this.

    I think Sony is still waiting to give the final information released on the same completely. The phone is actually a media pack. It beats almost any hd phone in the market. Large screen, 12mb camera, high speed internet surfing all makes the phone better. I am trying to find the exact spec list. I am sure that this phone is having a cpu higher than 1Ghz. Because such processing needs a more better hardware.

    The touchscreen interface is quiet much better and clear. It is not going to have Android Jelly Bean. It has Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). Even if had Jelly Bean then you cannot use flash. I am sure Sony is not going to put Android 4.1on the same.

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    Re: When Sony Xperia Acro S HD is releasing in India

    This looks another costly high definition phone coming in market. I am sure Sony can give a reasonable price. I appreciated the dust and waterproof quality which should be must for each and every phone.

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    Re: When Sony Xperia Acro S HD is releasing in India

    Yes I too agree. My friend has a Samsung Galaxy S3 which accidentally got wet. He need to pay another 5K to fix the phone. If this type of smartphones are in market with water resistance quality then it is worth to buy even if it is above 30K. There are not such phones in market which has this features. While Sony is giving you 12Mega Pixel camera which is more than enough. Just image the quality of photo taken from this camera. The cpu which is used in this phone is 1.5Ghz dual core. Dual core processor provides you more multitasking options to perform number of options.

    The phone is meant to give you better internet surfing ability but that entirely depends on the network. If you are on a slow network then you might not receive that kind of quality. Sony has added a lot more on the phone for multimedia. You can download movies, or videos based on services provided in that. Sony has added Sony Entertainment Network which allows users to have unlimited media downloads.

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    Re: When Sony Xperia Acro S HD is releasing in India

    Here is a specification list that I found on the official website:

    Display and design
    • 4.3”, 1280 x 720 pixels 16,777,216 color TFT with wet finger tracking
    • Reality display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine
    • Shatter proof sheet on scratch-resistant glass
    • Capacitive touchscreen with on-screen QWERTY keyboard
    • Screenshot capturing
    • Dust protected and water resistant (IP55 / IP57) [2]
    • Gyroscope

    Camera and video
    • 12.1 megapixel camera with pulsed LED flash and Auto focus
    • Sony’s Exmor R for mobile CMOS sensor
    • 16x digital zoom
    • f/2.4 Aperture
    • HD video recording (1080p)
    • 3D Sweep Panorama
    • Image playback, supported formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG
    • Image capture, supported format: JPEG
    • Video playback and recording, supported formats: 3GPP, MP4, WebM, PIFF
    • Video recording, suported formats: 3GPP, MP4
    • Face detection and Smile detection
    • Touch capture and Touch focus
    • Fast Capture
    • Front-facing camera (1.3 megapixel, 720p)

    • TrackID music recognition
    • xLOUD Experience – audio filter technology from Sony
    • FM Radio with RDS
    • 3.5 mm audio jack for headphones
    • Audio playback, supported formats: MP3, 3GPP, MP4, SMF, WAV, OTA, Ogg vorbis
    • Audio recording, supported formats: 3GPP, MP4
    • 3D and motion gaming
    • Timescape with Twitter integrated
    • Sony Entertainment Network (selected markets only)
    • PlayStation Certified
    • TV launcher

    Connectivity and communication
    • USB High speed 2.0 and Micro USB support
    • WiFi and WiFi Hotspot functionality
    • HDMI Support
    • DLNA Certified
    • Synchronization via Exchange ActiveSync
    • aGPS
    • WebKit web browser with Pan & zoom
    • Bluetooth technology
    • Native USB tethering
    • NFC

    • Internal phone storage: up to 16 GB (up to 11 GB user-accessible memory)
    • RAM: 1 GB
    • Expansion slot: microSD card, up to 32 GB

    • GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900
    • HSPA+ 850, 900, 1900, 2100

    Pre-loaded applications
    • Google Voice Search
    • Google Talk2 application
    • Google Mail
    • Google Maps with Street View and Latitude

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    Re: When Sony Xperia Acro S HD is releasing in India

    That simply looks great features. The internal phone is 16GB. That is quiet fine but what does 11Gb accessible memory means. Where is other 5GB. It is also quiet fine to have a 1Gb internal ram. It looks that the phone can handle ample of operations easily. As per the size that I had seen it looks the phone is bit heavy to carry. The phone size is also large. It is not meant to carry in pocket. The phone looks meant for high resolution camera and video quality. I will like to see the final phone review.

    That would be better to make decision on this. I though this will have usb 3.0 support also, but 2.0 is not bad. Hdmi port is quiet common in many hd phones. The phone looks made more of hd recording. A mixture of high end android phone and digital camera.

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    Re: When Sony Xperia Acro S HD is releasing in India

    The phone might be heavier. You can see the size of screen. That is quiet broad, but on the same hand it is very think. 3D video quality is simply awesome to shoot videos of your favorite stuff.

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    Re: When Sony Xperia Acro S HD is releasing in India

    I also waiting for the final price. The best quality of this phone is that it is water and dust resistance. 720p screen on the other hand can give you cool look on your screen. I also found in news that this phone has a scratch resistance glass. Sony Xperia acro S is a high end phone with robust qualities that can be rarely found in other handset. I am sure this phone will not be dual sim.

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