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Thread: Poor focus of closed object in Nokia 808 Pureview

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    Poor focus of closed object in Nokia 808 Pureview

    Am I the only one with who is suffering from the focus issue? I main reason why I purchased Nokia 808 PureView is due to its 41 megapixel camera. I guess this is until now the only smartphone that has come up with such a powerful camera but let me tell you something, the camera must be having a high resolution but what the use if the settings are malfunctioning. I tried my best to click a proper picture of a close object but looks like the auto focus is not at all in a mood to help me out. Donít know what exactly is wrong with the autofocus, when I stills the camera at any object the auto focus give a dim and unclear image. And also I have noticed that instead of showing a green cursor it shows a red cursor.

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    Re: Poor focus of closed object in Nokia 808 Pureview

    Yeah, even I have noticed the same problem with my camera too. Whenever I try to click the picture of a close object the image blurs out and the auto focus completely goes out of focus. Interestingly the problem is not just limited with me, even one of my friend is facing the same is issue. When I search for a solution on internet I found several other Nokia 808 pureview having the same issue. I guess no Nokia 808 user is left without this problem and I am sure the problem is from manufacturers end. All the 808 Pureview are having the auto focus issue. I checked out the entire manual and other guidance nowhere there is mentioned about the manual focus or something which might help in eliminating this problem.

    Hope Nokia knows about this problem and they are looking in it. They should come up with a firmware update for the problem.

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    Re: Poor focus of closed object in Nokia 808 Pureview

    For your kind information let me tell you that there is a limit of autofocus in Nokia 808 Pureview. The autofocus may not work after a certain shortest distance. I too initially thought same like you when I was unable to focus on the nearby objects. They images used to blur after I used to get the camera closer to the object. But later on after I visited the service center they explained me the exact logic behind the focus.

    When you get the camera closer to any object make sure that you maintain a distance of ~15 cm. once you get the camera more closer than ~15 cm then you might face those blur focus which you call as a problem. Another thing I would like to tell you is that the focus range starts from ~15 cm to how much ever you want i.e. infinity but make sure that you are able to get the image into your screen within the zoom range.

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    Re: Poor focus of closed object in Nokia 808 Pureview

    Thatís exactly I was suppose to explain. Nokia 808 Pureview has the capability of focusing at any object beyond the range of 15 cm and not closer to that. The problem is neither with the phone nor with the users.

    If you are an old Nokia customer then definitely you will feel as it as a problem because almost in all the other previous Nokia models which are having a camera has the minimum range of 10 cm and not 15 cm. Nokia 808 is a special case with a 15 cm. This is why the reason people using the camera of Nokia 808 for the first time are taking it as a problem. Rather than thinking that it is a problem better contact the support center or some expert guy and ask them to explain and guide you with this phone.

    This is one of the high range phone made by Nokia. Nokia wouldnít have simply released this phone without testing it. Camera is the biggest feature of this phone.

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    Re: Poor focus of closed object in Nokia 808 Pureview

    Make sure that you try to focus anything that you need to click beyond the range of 15 cm (not even at 15 cm). it is better suggested to maintain a distance of at least 20 cm between the camera and the object. Only then you wonít face any auto focus issue. I never see the requirement of getting the camera closer to any objects instead I would prefer to zoom in the focus and click the image.

    Maintain the range of 20 cm and prefer zooming focus you will enjoy each and every clicking.

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    Re: Poor focus of closed object in Nokia 808 Pureview

    The best thing you can do is click on the following link and get yourself cleared with clicking the best picture. Actually the link is an official page of Nokia where they have created a manual especially explaining everything about the camera. You can also find tips for taking a close up photo and taking the far away photo. Then taking the pictures in dark and over lighted areas too.

    Click Here for the Camera Tips

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