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Thread: Nexus 7 is a very big phone made by Google?

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    Nexus 7 is a very big phone made by Google?

    I just saw the video of Nexus 7 and also read its review. I watched the video for its working and other features. So after watching all this stuff, I feel that Nexus 7 is just a phone from Google that is big in size. The interface looks like it is made for a phone and not for a tablet. Also many features of this Nexus 7 seemed like phone. Another thing that makes it to be classified as phone is its weight. It is too light for its size. From its looks, it seems that it is large but if the weight is compared, then it seems like most of the internal part must be empty. What do other people think about it?

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    Re: Nexus 7 is a very big phone made by Google?

    I know that the interface used for Nexus 7 and Android phone is almost same. Thus, due to large screen, it gives an impression of lot of space being wasted. Thus you must have thought that Nexus 7 is just an oversized phone. Also the features that Nexus 7 provides are similar to the phone.

    But remember that this tablet has Nvidia Tegra 3 implemented in the chip which helps it play high end games with high quality graphics. Now this is not possible in the smartphones. Also the large screen can be used to watch high definition videos and movies that are of resolution 1080p. I think this feature of Nexus 7 makes it different from other phones and tablets. Comparing this tablet with a smartphone is just wrong.

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    Re: Nexus 7 is a very big phone made by Google?

    Nexus 7 is the first tablet to be launched by Google. If you think that it is just a phone which has been given a large body, then let me tell you that you are wrong. It is just another tablet that comes in reasonable price. Even many smartphones that canít provide half the features that Nexus can provide comes at higher price. Which phone has in-built Google Chrome as default browser? Which smartphone provides a good integration with Google as Nexus 7 provides? If you want to compare Nexus 7 with smartphone, then you donít deserve to use Android devices. Nexus 7 has Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as its operating system. Now tell me if any smartphone can have it. It is because Nexus 7 is tablet and thus it can handle high hardware to enable these features.

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