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Thread: What will you do with your Nexus 7?

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    What will you do with your Nexus 7?

    So did to buy your Nexus 7? If not then when is the right time for you to for it my friend? I have decided to purchase the tablet by this month without fail and the first thing I am going to do with this tablet is rooting it off and also I may install a Custom ROM. However i have never done all these things so therefore I may do it only if someone who is well aware of such things sit beside me. Anyways I am not here to tell you about my problems and remedies, just wanted to know what your future plan with your Nexus 7. Are you going to modify anything same like or you going to have any changes with regards to the apps or something

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    Re: What will you do with your Nexus 7?

    To be frank I donít know what exactly I am going to do with this tablet as obviously no one is well aware of this tablet yet. There are review and feedback on internet about this tablet but however itís the end user who is the main person to comments and review means a lot. After reading out the review I personally feel that there may be no requirement of doing any modification or changes or even checking anything in it until and unless the reviews are perfect.

    I am very much impressed with the news of this tablet especially with the jelly bean upgrade that is going to be built in OS of this device. Overall just mean to say that I havenít thought of doing anything yet.

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    Re: What will you do with your Nexus 7?

    Look, targeting individual aspects first talking about the hardware specs I am well satisfied with each and every hardware specs that has been added into it. So I donít think there is any requirement for me to make any changes with it.

    Now speaking about the internal software aspects I must that I am not well satisfied with the jelly bean update? Android 4.1 jelly bean update in this tablet is the only things that have been not well appreciated by the reviewers. They say that jelly bean in this tablet has not been quite impressive and also there are certain drawbacks.

    So I guess if in case I find any fault in the OS then I might not hesitate to switch back to the older version of android. Hope I wonít have to do it. Jelly bean should come up perfectly alright at least for me.

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    Re: What will you do with your Nexus 7?

    Web browser for me is the most important thing that should work. Rest if other things are creating issue I donít mind, until they are minor issues. Till now the review for the web browser has been great but as already said above itís the end user who is going to make the real decision and I am one of those end user. If in case I find the browser not doing well for me then I wonít feel bad in switching it with something else. Might be I will try dolphin in place of the default one.

    And if nothing do well in this device with respect to the browser then I wonít keep any second though in returning the devices so better Nexus 7 should come up with a better browsing quality.

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    Re: What will you do with your Nexus 7?

    I do not think that this tablet should really come up with more storage capacity. I personally feel that 16GB version is far enough for normal users. There are many people who are regretting for no availability of higher storage in Nexus 7. Other than storage I also do not thing there is any requirement of cloud into it. I have not thought of doing anything until yet, first I will use it as a normal user and then decided what should be done if there is any drawback.

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