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Thread: Will Nexus 7 support HDMI out via MHL adapter?

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    Will Nexus 7 support HDMI out via MHL adapter?

    There is a big question going around in my mind from the time I have decided to purchase Nexus 7 for my self. I am very much satisfied with the specifications of this phone (until I have read them correct on internet) but the only thing that I now disturbing me is the support of MHL adapter to HDMI out. Now, believe it or not, the only reason I am buying this tablet is to connect it to my HDMI support LCD display. As far as I know for establishing the connection will need a tablet which would come up with a MHL adapter. Currently Nexus 7 is the only latest tablet that have really impressed me a lot and itís the only one which would satisfy my all need but I am still doubtful about the support for MHL adapter. Can anyone confirm the news for me please?

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    Re: Will Nexus 7 support HDMI out via MHL adapter?

    As far as I have read the specifications of this tablet nowhere it is written that this tablet is going to give any support for MHL. Both on the other hand also I have heard a lot that the developers of this tablet are going to provide the support for the same in future. However as I am not much interested in Nexus 7 I really never cared about what it has and what it is going to support.

    But after reading your thread and after search a lot the only thing I understood is that even if Nexus 7 does not support MHI, it doesnít meant that it will not support in future too. Wait for Google to comment and respond on it.

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    Re: Will Nexus 7 support HDMI out via MHL adapter?

    Lots of sites do say that there is a support of MHI adapter for HDMI out. One of them which confirms the news is Engadget. But then the question arises is that if these know that the tablet does supports MHI then why not the developers of Nexus 7 are confirming the same and mentioning it into the specifications of the product. People who have tried this tablet and made the review of it have not forgot to mention about the MHI support in their review. Only the official people are forgetting or might be ignoring the mention about the same.

    Look, the only thing I would say is to go for this tablet without worrying because I am sure the tablet does supports MHI adapter as lots of people have already tried the same and responded back.

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    Re: Will Nexus 7 support HDMI out via MHL adapter?

    I am sure Nexus 7 Does Not Support MHL. Not just MHL but also does not support USB OTG. It has been clearly mentioned in most of the review that that tablet has no HDMI port into it, so people preferring this tablet started believing that at least there might a support for MHL adapter in order to connect the tablet to the big screen.

    In clear words let me tell you that, there is no support for MHL adapter either. You canít even use USB storage as I already said the support for USB OTG is also not provided.

    Actually the main reason for all these negative features is the Androidís latest version i.e. jelly bean 4.1. This latest version do not have or support these features so therefore indirectly Nexus 7 is coming in the bad picture. As MHL support is absent you will have to double the USB port as an HDMI port. Donít take my words as a prediction or some fake news. I have confirmed all these news and only then came here to post so better do not ignore my post.

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    Re: Will Nexus 7 support HDMI out via MHL adapter?

    Yeah, even I do agree with your comment my friend. I have got the exact similar information on web. This detailed information has been actually confirmed from the developer and they were the one who revealed everything about the USB OTG and MHL support. According to them as Jelly bean is new in the market it will take some time for them to input all the advanced features altogether. However currently there is no support for both these much needed features.

    Although MHL is not supportable but on the other hand they say that the tablet may works as a USB host device. Now letís see how much fact lies in this statement.

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    Re: Will Nexus 7 support HDMI out via MHL adapter?

    You can easily connection any of your external extra hardware peripheral to your tablet without any issue. External peripherals like USB mouse and keyboards and so on can be connection to the Nexus 7 tablet. Now this attachment of such peripherals is possible due to the USB host features. Yes, as already said above (not sure how much fact lies in this) Nexus 7 can work as a USB host device which can easily allow the support for all the above mentioned hardware but still the bad news is that MHL support is not at all possible. I guess you will have to wait more till the next update of Jelly bean comes up. They will surely provide all the jelly bean user the support of MHL adapter with their new models.

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    Re: Will Nexus 7 support HDMI out via MHL adapter?

    I am not sure but I guess the custom ROMs can play the trick for the required support. I personally feel that the support for such things has not been provided intentionally. Might be the manufacturer wants the users to go for buying this 16GB version. Hopefully by the release of next version shipping of jelly bean with Nexus 7 the MHL adapter support and USB OTG support might come.

    Forget about the issues and enjoy the tablet if you really liked it and you need not find any use of MHL adapter or HDMI out support in your case. They will come up with such support soon.

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