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Thread: Acer Iconia A700 wont connect 2 USB drive due to power issue

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    Acer Iconia A700 wont connect 2 USB drive due to power issue

    I bought Acer Iconia A700 last month. I wasnít really satisfied with the specifications of this tablet especially the amount of space available in this device is no where enough for me to store data. Itís not that I didnít properly read or researched about this tablet before the purchase, itís only I didnít cared about the internal memory of the device because I already have numerous external portable HDD at my place. There are about 5 USB hard drivers present at my home. I always prefer to store and access data from these portable drives therefore I requirement of internal memory or checking out the internal memory doesnít really comes under my consideration.

    But now I am in a huge mess. I found that my hard drives arenít getting connected to the tablet normally. Few of my Western Digital Drives are connecting fine but the other two Drives of Verbatim are not working at all. May I know what could be the reason? please guys anyone who is aware of the issue please let me know.

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    Re: Acer Iconia A700 wont connect 2 USB drive due to power issue

    Yeah, I am well aware of this problem. In fact, I have tried several R&Ds with my A700 tablet and the USB drives that I have. Now first of all let me tell you that co-incidentally my hard drives which are not connecting to my A700 tablets also belong to Verbatim. So I guess now it will more easily for us to get out of the problem as we both can share our thoughts and opinions.

    Anyways in my case firstly what I did was took my hard drives at my friends place and checked them out in his A500 device. They worked well and fine without any problem. The moment my hard drives worked I understood that there is something wrong with the A700 tablet and not with the verbatim drives. The second thing I did was used a USB2 cable to connect those drives and guess what? Now they got connected properly and also worked fine in my tablet. If you have a USB2 cables please try connecting the drive with the help of this cable. I am sure this might work.

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    Re: Acer Iconia A700 wont connect 2 USB drive due to power issue

    This might work but have you ever thought why it is working with USB2 cable and not with a normal cable. Trying out the USB drive with other tablets works just fine and if you try the same drives on A700 then you might end up with a negative result. I am not sure but I guess the problem is with the power supply. There is something working with the amount of power being supplied to the device while the USB drives are connected. The Verbatim drives that you connected successfully to your device are actually not meant to be connected using a USB2 drive.

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    Re: Acer Iconia A700 wont connect 2 USB drive due to power issue

    May I know of what size your Verbatim HDD is? I personally think that your tablet is not at all problems. Obviously if you try to connect a hard drive with an oversize memory then might be lack of power supply could cause a problem. I guess if A700 tablet manages to gain more power after the connection to sustain the USB drives then might be everything will work fine. But after all itís a tablet and connecting one USB drive at a time should work and also it is fair enough to get things work properly.

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