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Thread: Is Acer Iconia A700 worth buying?

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    Is Acer Iconia A700 worth buying?

    So guys, what you think about it. Did you really like this tablet or you would prefer to ignore it without any regret. The reason I am asking you is because until now I have got lots of mix review which made me confused all the way. Last week I planned to buy this tablet but I decided that I will purchase it only if people speak in favor of it. Seems like there are many people who really liked the product but alongside there are also other people who are very much disappointed with some of its newly introduced features. They say that they are not much satisfied with the facility they are getting.

    Anyways I do not really follow their view and opinions as i randomly got such review on internet. I think this is the best place to get a perfect judgment for such tablet PCs. what would you suggest me? Should I buy this laptop of not; do comment with a suitable reason.

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    Re: Is Acer Iconia A700 worth buying?

    The thing is that right now Acer Iconia A700 is being compared with almost all other similar tablets and thatís the reason this product is being degraded so much. If you talk about Iconia A700 alone then I do not think that it is so ugly to comment negatively. Mostly A510 is the only tablet is taken under consideration during the comparison. People say that A510 is the one which almost matches A700 with regards to the specs and other features and therefore they find it easy to judge A700 in front of A510. Anyways, talking about me, I think I liked the tablet pretty much. no doubt, the screen of this tablet is something which is being discussed the most. If you really do not care about comparing this tablets with other products and concluding the things then I think you should purchase it.

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    Re: Is Acer Iconia A700 worth buying?

    People are comparing A700 with A510 because they both are comparable. No other tablets are as similar as A510 is and therefore due to this reason people are commenting on A700 considering A510. I am one amongst them; I had A510 until I purchased A700 and later on after a month of usage i found that this tablet did actually not impress me at all. The major fall I found was with the display. Firstly the brightener of the display was always at its extreme level and also the auto brightness used to fluctuate every time.

    Then I was not satisfied with the battery utilization. Let me tell you that my previous A510 use to give much better and much longer battery life. Also I have noticed that the tablet get easily heated up within a less time of usage which is again rated down in comparison with A510. I would say that if you really intending to buy a tablet then better go for a any other older model of Acer A series but do not purchase A700. If you want to go for A700 only then again I would suggest you to at least wait for more while and let all the issues get cleared by them.

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    Re: Is Acer Iconia A700 worth buying?

    I do not understand why people are disappointed with the screen quality of A700. Everyone knows that A700 before coming out was only known for its display. Already Acer themselves claimed that the screen of this tablet is the best one but after using it few people donít know for what reason didnít like it. However I completely disagree with their conclusions at least not regarding the screen. My experience is completely opposite I guess. I liked the tablet very much; in face I liked the screen of this tablet.

    To be frank its only the battery life that didnít impressed me at all. Other than the battery I had no complain with A700. Damn good and attractive with everything at its best. If you like the tablet then get it.

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    Re: Is Acer Iconia A700 worth buying?

    I returned my A510 just because I accessed A700 two days ago that my friend purchased. I never knew that this tablet might do so well. Let me tell you that there is nothing left from my side that I didnít check in both the devices and ultimately however I liked A700. As already discussed above there are certain things that are not really impressive in A700 or you can say that A510 is better in that case but overall A700 has the best quality look and performance. Brightness has never been an issue for me, no matter what device I use so therefore even if the brightness of the A700 is not good, it is worth for me. I would go for A700 and I think even you should buy it.

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