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Thread: Does Acer Iconia A700 supports micro USB cable charger?

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    Does Acer Iconia A700 supports micro USB cable charger?

    I wanted to know whether it is possible to charge an Acer Iconia A700 tablet with any of the micro USB cable charger. I do have an Acer Iconia A700 which I purchased a year ago. Now the situation is that the charger of this tablet has got damaged. So now I am unable to charge my device.

    Last night I had an urgent requirement of accessing my tablet PC but unfortunately when I started the tablet after few minutes of usage the charge completely went off and there came the requirement of a charger which I didnít have. So what I did was tried connecting a HTC USB charger and then charged the tablet but unfortunately my trick didnít work at all. The charger I guess was not compatible with my tablet. Now after a long research I guess no other micro USB cable charger is going to support my Acer Iconia A700. Before I confirm this news I would like to suggest you people whether you all agree with me observation. Please guys let me know if anyone of you have successfully charged Iconia A700 with any alternative charger.

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    Re: Does Acer Iconia A700 supports micro USB cable charger?

    For your kind information if you are not well aware about the specifications of the original charger of this tablet PC then let me tell you that A700ís charger has the capability of providing the charge of about 12V and 1.5 A whereas if you use any other USB charger in place of the original charger then with the A700 tablet you will be hardly able to get the charger of about 5V and 500 mA. Just because of this huge difference in the charging I guess Acer has restricted all other USB chargers from using with this tablet.

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    Re: Does Acer Iconia A700 supports micro USB cable charger?

    I am still not sure about the compatibility of a USB charger and Iconia tablet. Some says that USB charger does works well with the tablet whereas other says that it does charges but there are many drawbacks with the charging. Like if you try to load through a USB charger they say that there are changes that the USB might take a long time (around 24hrs) for the charging to get completed.

    Also some people say that if you try to charge the tablet through a USB then turning off the tablet may probably work. But I do not agree with this point as I already tried this suggestion and ultimately failed. According to my research I found that no USB charger is capable of charging this tablet. I personally preferred a HTC USB charger that I have previously at my place.

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    Re: Does Acer Iconia A700 supports micro USB cable charger?

    Trying your hands only with a HTC USB charger doesnít mean that all brand USB charger will behave the same. if this is your complete research then I think you still need to do more. I have two USB chargers existing at my home one is of Nokia and another is of Samsung. Now I tried experimenting both of these charger for my A700 and guess what? I successfully charged my tablet without any issue. Now interestingly if you try to charge your A700 normally with these two chargers you wonít be able to successfully do it but if you keep your tablet in standby mode and now if you try to charge then you can do it easily. I did the same, while charging I found that the charging was done at the rate of 5%/hr and also the charging is done completely till 100%

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