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Thread: better battery manager

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    better battery manager

    Here is my better battery status screenshot is these readings are okay is my bettery is performing as it should be i have galaxy s2 i9100 please help me

    i am using batter battery status app because i was facing some battery issue with my phone and now it is showing a big difference between awake time and screen on time
    it is showing 16.5% of awake time as compared to 9.8% of screen on time which is nearly a half ... in don't know why is this happening but my android os is sucking my battery juice along with screen in equal proportion .. please help me ....

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    Re: better battery manager

    Can you go into the battery status option and then check that which apps are utilizing more battery in your phone. Normally, you can force close the apps and then test out whether your battery is consuming more or not. There are also free apps like task killer or something similar that you can get from google play site, which can kill all unwanted process of any particual apps, that may have been consuming more battery.
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