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Thread: Is iOS 6 Beta 1 available for download?

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    Is iOS 6 Beta 1 available for download?

    I am sure I am not the only one who is happy with the news of upcoming iOS 6 for our apple devices. i am a genuine customer of Apple and trust me from past 5 years I have been with them using their products. From a desktop computer to ipod, I am using Apple as it has always been best for me. Recently I heard about iOS 6 Beta 1 availability. I am not at all on my chair now, somehow I wanted to download it into my iPhone 4S but I am still not confirm about the news. Is it really available for the download its just a rumor produced for other non-apple users to take more interest in this latest Apple OS version. As far as I read about the announcement made by apple at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) there they didn’t mentioned anything about the beta 1 release. Now whom should I believe? There might be someone who has got the news confirmed. Please let me know.

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    Re: Is iOS 6 Beta 1 available for download?

    Yeah, the news is correct and confirmed. The beta version of iOS 6 is now really available for a normal genuine Apple user. I guess you didn’t search properly about the news as after reading out your thread when I searched on web I found several information regarding the iOS 6 Beta 1 release. Not just they mentioned about its availability but also they also listed down all the newly introducted features that you might get after installing the Beta. I am sure people are going to enjoy it a lot as it has already created big news in the market.

    But before creating your own dreams it is better you know the bitter part of iOS 6. The OS is not at all meant for those older Apple devices. it would be much better to say that iOS 6 is only available to certain limited devices like iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 4th Gen, iPad 2, and iPad 3. Other than them no other device is going to support iOS 6. Now obviously if iOS 6 original versions is not going to be available for all devices then the same thing will be applied for the Beta too. Before you plan to get the Beta make sure that you device comes under these listed phone. Only then you will be able to download iOS 6 Beta 1. If everything is cleared then go to the Developers Center and download the Beta from there. Yes, you will get the Beta from there.

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    Re: Is iOS 6 Beta 1 available for download?

    I have the complete information about iOS 6, in fact I have the entire article about what was said at the WWDC during the time of iOS 6 announcement. I still remember they mentioned the names of all the devices listed above that will not be considered as iOS 6 devices. Following their information, just to get iOS 6 I personally bought a brand new iPhone 4S but now seems like I did a mistake. The announce made was completely wrong. After I found the iOS 6 Beta 1 download when I tired to get it into my iPhone 4S I received some error message. The message stated something “This device is not registered as part of iPhone Developer Program”. I really did not get what the error meant to say but however I got that this message is trying to tell me that I am not the one who will receive the beta. Please someone help me out as soon as possible.

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    Re: Is iOS 6 Beta 1 available for download?

    Guys, I think still there are many people who really do not have any idea about the new iOS 6. There are many things that were told at WWDC about this latest OS. Might be you must have forgot it. Don’t worry I will explain you everything about the Beta download. It is true that iOS 6 Beta 1 is only available to some limited phone and that includes iPhone 4S. Do not mistake the error message; if you read it carefully once again you will get the real meaning of what it is trying to say. For your kind information let me tell you that for downloading iOS 6 Beta 1 just having a compatible phone doesn’t really matters, instead you will also need to have a developers account with apple. This will allow you to register your phone’s UDID with the developer program. I am not well aware about the procedure and the other related information about the developers account. I guess it may cost you around $99/year to be a part of apple developer program. Once you create your account and make yourself as an official developer account holder then you will be able to get the latest iOS 6 download link from the Apple Developer center.

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    Re: Is iOS 6 Beta 1 available for download?

    Yes, you can get the iOS 6 Beta 1 download from the developer center. Not just the developer center but there is also many sites on web which might provide you with iOS 6 Torrent links. Those are not the official ones so better do not download the update from there. Prefer only the official one. Anyways if you are not registered as the member of Apple’s developer program and if you are willing to be one amongst them for getting the Beta update then do not worry I will help you with the needed information.

    • Firstly you need to register your device UDID in order to open an account at the Developer program.
    • UDID is nothing but Unique Device Identifier for your apple device. This number or code has nothing to do with the serial number or IMEI number or any other code of your device.
    • If you send your device UDID to GDelux you will get a confirmation mail about the same. You will also be asked for certain amount for the registration as already stated above.
    • If the registration is done you can from then onwards easily get the iOS 6 beta update without any error and also without paying anything further.

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    Re: Is iOS 6 Beta 1 available for download?

    Registering the UDID is fine but the main task starts from here. Now comes the Beta installation process. As already said above updating to iOS 6 Beta is only possible after you register your UDID, anyways after the registrations follow the steps for the Beta.

    • You will have to first download the firmware for iOS 6 independent of your device
    • After downloading the firmware connect your Apple device to iTunes with the help of the cable. Now after connection on iTunes at the left navigation pane make sure that you select your device
    • Now if you are having a windows system then after selecting the device you press the shift key, and if you are on Mac then press Alt/Option key and then on iTune press the restore option
    • Now let the restore process get completed. On web search and download iOS 6 IPSW file. Done!

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