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Thread: HP probook 4530 fans make annoying noise

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    HP probook 4530 fans make annoying noise

    I own a HP probook 4530 and it has started making annoying noise, it was working fine by now and the issue has started suddenly. I have found that the fan keeps running high all the time no matter what the temperature is. I just wanted to know if this is a hardware issue or software is there any method by which I can solve it out?? I am really getting pissed of it.

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    Re: HP probook 4530 fans make annoying noise

    Before I suggest you something about this I just wanted to know whether you have tried updating the bios or not? If not then try out the same and let me know if the issue is getting solved that way. I have come across people who were having similar issue but were able to sort it out by updating and even downgrading the bios. Just give it a try and let me know what you get for further help.

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    Re: HP probook 4530 fans make annoying noise

    You can try out updating the bios, if at all that does not makes any difference then you can try out reducing the Fan Noise by Patching the DSDT table. One can alter fan speeds as per DSDT table. You can follow the below steps for Patching the DSDT table:
    • First you need to have equus.exe for extracting DSDT table from registry, Latest version of Microsoft ASL Compiler, HWMonitor. Once you are ready with the same then proceed with further steps.
    • Now Install Microsoft ASL Compiler and copy the asl.exe from the install directory to C:\ACPI and just Copy equus.exe to C:\ACPI.
    • After that Run equus.exe, when you run equus.exe, then you will be prompted for subkey path. To know the subkey path Run > regedit and check out for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\ACPI\DSDT\HP____\nc8430\00010000. When you get the subkey and right click to "copy key name" and paste the same in equus command window.
    • The required key is within the subkey, it is basically a REG_BINARY and will be named as "00000000". So when you are prompted for entering the key name enter it.
    • After entering the key you will get a file named dsdt.aml which will be there in C:\ACPI. If you don’t get the same then you might have entered a wrong key. So now you can Run command prompt and enter the below lines:
      cd C:\ACPI
      copy dsdt.aml dsdtorig.aml’
      asl /u
      This time you should get dsdt.ASL file in C:\ACPI.
    • When you are done until here then Open dsdt.ASL and check out for below code. Everything will be appearing as software code with numbers in hexadecimals. So you can use a converter for converting those hexadecimal numbers to decimal. The fan speeds will be mentioned as percentage. You will have to check out for numbers starting with 100 and ending with 0 and the list should be including 5 numbers for eg.
    • So when you get the same then change the fan speed accordingly with the help of hexadecimal converter and save the dsdt.ASL file. Just make sure that you are changing the fan speeds only.Once you are done with all this then you can type the below in command prompt:
      asl dsdt.asl
      asl /loadtable dsdt.aml
      And finally reboot the system and you are done.

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    Re: HP probook 4530 fans make annoying noise

    This solution is quite tricky but it does work, even I was facing same issue but after trying out this I was able to get rid of the fan noise. Anyways I just wanted to add that you can use Notebook Hardware Control for reducing temperature and SpeedFan for keeping a track of notebook temperature. I have used them and they are just great applications. In my case I had to change the below thing in the file:
    • Name(C1E4, 0x64)
    • Name(C1E5, 0x46)
    • Name(C1E6, 0x28)
    • Name(C1E4, 0x64)
    • Name(C1E5, 0x64)
    • Name(C1E6, 0x64)

    Since then I am not facing the same issue. Just try it out and let me know if you have any issues with the process.

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    Re: HP probook 4530 fans make annoying noise

    The above solution is appearing to be very complex, I will suggest you to better try using TPFanControl by troubadix. TPFancontrol allows you to change the fan speed and tweak the temperatures manually. Just try using the same and see if that’s helping you out in controlling the noise of the fan or not. I have not yet used the same but have found a number of people claiming it to be best for controlling fan of laptops and thinkpads. You can also use CPUID HWMonitor for checking out the cpu temperature on the other hand. You can download TPFanControl just by Googling “TPFanControl by troubadix”.

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