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Thread: Hp G72-B66US laptop automatically looses power and goes into battery mode

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    Hp G72-B66US laptop automatically looses power and goes into battery mode

    Every time I turn on my G72-B66US laptop suddenly without any prior warning or reason it goes into the battery mode losing the power completely. I mostly prefer to access my machine with the power cable plugged in but even after taking so many precautions I have noticed that the computer looses the power as if someone has disturbed or removed the power cable completely. The only option left with me to get the laptop start again is to either remove the power cord completely then re-plug it or I have to go for using some other power cord which is the most irritating option for me. Once I can re-plug the power cable but changing the existing power cord and then using another one is a big deal for me. Guys, anyone with the same problem or at least anyone present out here with a proper solution for this problem please help.

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    Re: Hp G72-B66US laptop automatically looses power and goes into battery mode

    Obviously if you will follow the suggestion that you have mentioned in your thread you will never going to get settle with your problem because those tricks are temporary workaround and they are not going to help you for long. If asked me I would only suggest you to change the AC adapter. I am sure there is something wrong with your AC adapter or with the connector of your AC adapter. Try changing them and then connect it to the laptop. Until the power supply at your home is proper and the socket is fixed correctly I predict the AC adapter as the issue.

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    Re: Hp G72-B66US laptop automatically looses power and goes into battery mode

    Hey I do have the same issue and guess what? Even I was suggested with the same solution of changing the power adapter. But now I am very much confused with the power adapter. I mean I am not getting what exactly should I do as I found a power adapter of another brand that works well for my laptop but not sure whether should I get it. Yesterday when searched on web I found a 95W Kensington adapter and currently the one that I am having is a 65W, now what confusing me is the difference in their watts. Do they really make any difference or should I go for this 95W adapter without any problem? I am worried about my board, what if the high voltage adapters fry my computer. Please guys help.

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