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Thread: Screen of Sony Xperia Sola is flickering

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    Screen of Sony Xperia Sola is flickering

    My Sony Xperia Sola as already stated above starts flickering without any reason. And most interestingly I have found that the screen flickers mostly whenever I am browsing any page especially when the webpage has a white background. I know it sounds bit funny but this thing really happens with me. Initially I thought that I am misunderstanding the issue but then later on when i verified the issue I found that the screen used to really flicker a lot with the Google home page rather than flickering on any other webpage. I never made any changes or did any kind of R&D with the phone but even then I am facing this problem. For accessing my browser I use to follow any normal steps like opening the normal browser and then starting up google thatís it. Just after I start Google search the screen of this webpage use to automatically change the contrast flickering all the way.

    Let me tell you that my phone is brand new which I purchased last week and with the completion of the 1st week the problem started. Please guys help me and let me know what I should do to get rid of this issue. Am I the only one with this problem or there are other people facing the same?

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    Re: Screen of Sony Xperia Sola is flickering

    No I donít have this issue with my Xperia Sola. Even my phone is a month old and its working quite well without any screen related issue. However after reading out your thread I researched a lot with the settings of my phone and found that your issue might have produced due to the phoneís sensor. When I kept my phone to auto brightness and when brightness level went to extreme low even my phoneís screen was flickering a lot.

    Also to adjust the brightness automatically I have noticed that there is a circle that helps to do the same. Notice your phone, you will find a small circle in front of the device, if you keep your finger in front of the circle and block it then the phone screen will adjust the brightness automatically which causes such flickering issue. so better make sure that you do not block those circles and also make sure that you do not set the display of the phone to auto brightness.

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    Re: Screen of Sony Xperia Sola is flickering

    Donít just turn off the auto brightness but also switch your brightness to the higher level. Setting the brightness to low even after turning off the auto brightness off do not make any sense. I do not have an Xperia Sola with me but I did had Xperia mini pro with me and guess what? I had the same problem with my phone too. Whatever I suggested you actually did worked in my case, so I am not sure whether the same with work for you but as you share the same brand phone the solution should 75% work for you.

    If in case setting the brightness does not work then you can try to repair your phone with the help of pc companion.

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    Re: Screen of Sony Xperia Sola is flickering

    Already got my sola replace with the new stock available in the market as no solution was able to help me out in any case. Let me tell you that you and I are not the only people existing with the problem. If you search on internet you will find many users having the same screen flickering issue and also other users replaced their device from the support center. In my case I didnít tried out anything, simply contacted the support center. They first suggested me to perform a software update that did not made any difference then again after I gave them the update they suggested me to adjust the brightness level which again didnít help me at all. At the end they themselves got irritated and told me to get it replaced as soon as possible and this is what I did. Returned the device to the retailer from where I bought the device and then at the same time ordered a new device. This new device works fine without any trouble.

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