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Thread: iOS 6 beta has a lot of bugs

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    iOS 6 beta has a lot of bugs

    I have an iPhone 4s with me and recently Apple declared the release of iOS 6 for their gadgets. Since iOS 6 was compatible with my iPhone 4s, I too thought of getting my phone upgraded. But me friend who had done it said that I shouldn’t go for it since it contains some bugs. Is it true that iOS 6 has bugs? If yes, then can someone tell me what the bugs are and how they will affect the use of iOS 6 in my iPhone 4s?

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    Re: iOS 6 beta has a lot of bugs

    Actually the main problem of iOS 6 is that it is made for iPad more than an iPhone 4s. Due to this, iOS 6 is facing problem of adjusting itself in the small screen of iPhone 4s. I too have started using it in my iPhone 4s and the first problem that I noticed with this operating system is that of getting the search screen using the home button. In iPad with iOS 6, you can use a four finger pinch to minimize any running app and return to home screen to search for new app. But this is not possible in iPhone due to screen size and precision needed. So now if I am using some app and I want to go to home screen to search for a new app, then I have to press the home button around four to five times. The first time I have to press the home button is to exit the currently running app on my phone. If the app that I just closed was running through a folder, then it will take me to the folder where it was started from. Now again to get out of the folder, I will need to press the home button. But this will take me only on the menu and to get back to home screen, I need to press the home button again. Now when I am on the home screen, to bring out the search bar, I’ll need to press the home button again.

    I know this is not bug or glitch, but when one needs to switch between applications, I think, the process should be made simple. I am going back to iOS 5 as it was more convenient to use. Next time Apple releases new iPhone, they should provide a dedicated button to directly exit to home screen without having to close every folder and app in its way.

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    Re: iOS 6 beta has a lot of bugs

    The numerous home screens that are available in iOS 6 and the way folder system has been devised, I’d say that it has become more complicated than you have ever imagined. With eight home screens and multiple folder system, it took m around two days to learn just to learn locations of certain apps in my iPhone 4s. iOS 6 has an app search option, but it only starts the desired app. If I need to locate it, then the app search option is useless. I have to again use the complicated system and visit numerous folders and browse home screen to find it. I think that Siri is not developed as Apple had promised. On watching the trailer for SIri, I thought that whole power of phone’s working can be given to Siri, but here the scene is different. All Siri does is to read the message, the name of the contact, surf internet regarding our preferences and some other tasks. I don’t find it new as Nokia had also introduced such system in some of their phones before Apple. The only difference is that Siri is more advanced and has beautiful voice. I thought that at least iOS 6 will give power to Siri to start an application. For example, if I say ‘Open Angry Birds’, then Siri must locate it and directly start it. But this is not the case. I know this is not a bug, but with so many innovative and good features, Apple is missing this one.
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    Re: iOS 6 beta has a lot of bugs

    One good feature that was present in iOS 5 is missing in iOS 6. The feature to have all the settings of all the apps in iPhone 4s at one place and available in one tap of screen. As one of the users have mentioned in this post that folder system and the navigation system available in iPhone 4s is complicated, it becomes difficult to navigate to different application and change their settings as per my requirement. In iOS 5, all the settings would be listed under main settings. All I had to do was to enter settings and change them. Some apps were such that I couldn’t get settings at the common place and had to navigate to them personally. But at least navigation system was good and easy to use. But here these common settings have been removed and I have to use the bad folder system to go into every single app and change the settings one by one. The main problem that comes due to this is when I have to control the data usage of my phone. As I need to keep travelling from one country to another, the cost of internet of the service provider I use keeps changing. So now if I have to travel to another country, I will need to change the data usage of every app that needs to connect to internet manually.

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