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Thread: Will you choose a Netbook instead of a Tablet

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    Will you choose a Netbook instead of a Tablet

    Tablets has gain a nice response in market. But yet those devices are not suitable for business needs. So what my question is what netbook will you prefer in place of a tablet. The price tablet's are as costly as compared to netbooks. In the same budget you can afford a small laptop that will give you a fully functional operating system, application support, etc. I am not talking about android here or iOS here. Because when you use those, you usage are limited. You cannot go beyond certain things. While if you have a Windows 7 type operating system in your ultra small device, you can use it in a more better way. Or else the usage remains restricted to games and applications.

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    Re: Will you choose a Netbook instead of a Tablet

    Tablets are basically for fun. You cannot related them for business purpose. For example it can be a good companion for having multimedia features, viewing your photos, social networking, etc. And if talk about mailing, blogging, etc we need a better system which has a good word processor and comfortable typing pad. Tablets do not have those. When we talk a about a netbook then that simply means you are going for a portable laptop. This provides you wifi, lan connectivity and network support. While tables are equipped mostly with usb support. You can sync them to your service and access your emails. Also you cannot simply use then a reliable source for your data. I do not carry my outlook emails in tablet. Even though if there is a application available for that. Tablets are good for fun. Yet some companies are failed to achieve rich features on this device. Like video conference, easy internet connectivity, hardware support, etc and all. They are able to give the minimum usage only.

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    Re: Will you choose a Netbook instead of a Tablet

    I too agree with you. In a tablet you have limited storage space, while in netbook you can expect to have a 500gb hard drive maximum. You can upgrade and it looks more professional. You do not need to worry about OS upgrade and all. Another important thing is the display which is more comfortable compared to touchscreen only for day to day use.

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    Re: Will you choose a Netbook instead of a Tablet

    I do not agree. Netbooks do have some features where they can beat Tablets. One thing is correct that they are near to each other in the matter of cost. Also you are ignoring the hardware. Compared to a netbook, a tablet is more lower in hardware support. You cannot run some rich applications on them. For example if I run a chat messenger on one side, and play game Tablets lags a lot. This is due to the limitation of operating system and hardware. This things are not found in a netbook. They are design to give you portability and performance. For example, HP Envy 14 Spectre. Check this table once. See the design and features. Very light, backlit keyboard, HD screen, more battery life, longer battery life, msata ssd, etc. This all are something which a tablet might take years to have. So at that point the netbook are something which are more preferable. Tablets are a kind of cheap solution for a bigger device where you want to play games and view videos. What more they can do. It is just a bigger part of smartphone.

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