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Thread: IPod Touch with iOS 6 will have Siri

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    IPod Touch with iOS 6 will have Siri

    I am really confused with this thing. As I already mentioned in the title I just wanted to know whether my ipod touch will be able to support Siri. Some says that it may support whereas some directly says that it wonít support. Now I really do not trust anyone as everyone is just try to make a prediction but they arenít being sure about whatever they say so I decided to search on web. And ended up getting news only related to ipad, it says that the iPad is however going to support siri soon. Believing that there might be something mentioned about iPod I went on reading the article completely but didnít get anything. There is nothing on web mentioned about the support of siri on iPod touch. I am tired now. I am expecting a lot here and I am sure I will end up getting some help here. So I am being completely dependent on you, please help me out and let me know some of the other related information soon as possible. I am desperately waiting for a voice reorganization tool like siri for my iPod Touch.

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    Re: IPod Touch with iOS 6 will have Siri

    Did you have a look into appleís official website? When I searched on internet I didnít find anything about your iPod touch but definitely I did got some information about siri supporting iPhone 4S and iPad. Both the devices got a green signal for the support of siri. There is no problem about the compatibility or anything like that. I am sure if siri is available for iPhone 4s and iPad then definitely it should be also available for your iPod Touch. But obviously they said that you would require an internet access. Along with this available information I also found certain limitations of siri with these devices. They say that this app is no way going to be available in all languages and also depending upon the areas this appís features will differ completely. I guess if I am not mistaken it will also not be available in all the areas or locations. Hope this much of information is enough for you. I will definitely try to gather more information about it and update you as soon as possible.

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    Re: IPod Touch with iOS 6 will have Siri

    Siri needs to smarten before this really means anything....cant post links, but a brief google search will show you that the ipod touch is not getting siri anytime soon.

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    Re: IPod Touch with iOS 6 will have Siri

    You have completely mistaken, apple has clearly mentioned that only and only iPhone 4s and iPad 3rd generation will be able to support siri and not other devices. So therefore I would only suggest you to stop dreaming about siri support for your iPod Touch, in fact I would say that do not think that any other device other than the above mentioned two devices nothing else will be able to support siri support. I am expecting that you got you answer completely. So thereís no requirement of stretching this thread further for the same issue. Here is the link which will help you to know and believe the fact that we mentioned here.
    Click here
    Make sure that you check the article completely till the end (importantly read end lines that are in grey fonts).

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