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Thread: How to get free Magazines for Kindle Fire

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    How to get free Magazines for Kindle Fire

    Is there anyone who knows how to subscribe free magazines for a Kindle Fire reader? I am having a kindle Fire which I bought last week. To be frank I am well aware about accessing the device so therefore I am facing lots of problem even in doing a simple subscription. Yesterday my friend read on internet about certain number of magazines providing a free subscription of their few limited additions. Is it really true? I guess they are providing the issues for free which is quite interesting. Now as I already said that I am not well aware of such things so please help me out and let me know the procedure of getting the subscription to these current issue magazines. Make sure that you help me out the best way possible (with all minor and major steps).

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    Re: How to get free Magazines for Kindle Fire

    First of all let me tell you that you friend was completely correct. There are about 20 to 25 magazines that are listed under the section of providing their current issue books for free. There is a simple way of getting the subscription to the desired magazine. Hope you are at least well aware of accessing internet. Have you ever visited the Amazon site? The reason I am asking you this is because the entire task is to be done over there. At the amazon’s official site you will get to see two boxes Subscribe Now and Buy Current Issue. See to it that you do not select the Subscribe Now option instead go for selecting “Buy Current Issue”. you will find both the option at the right side of the page one below the other. Buy Current Issue box with be listed with no price tag. Just try it out and let me know the further result.

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    Re: How to get free Magazines for Kindle Fire

    I have a very clear option available for you. Just follow up my instructions and you are done. I hope you must be aware of Newsstand in your Kindle Fire device, just go to that option and from there go to Store. Now "Try a Free Issue", you might get this at the front page of the store. Even here you need to do the same thing that has been described above, click on the “Buy Current issue” and not “Subscribe Now”. Just below the free issue option you might get the entire list of the magazines that allows you to get free trial version for the period of 90 days i.e. 3 months. Normally a user gets the same scheme of trial version for the period of only 14 to 15 days. However in both above and my suggestion you end up at the same place i.e. selecting “Buy current issue” as the appropriate option.

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