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Thread: Is MacBook Pro 17 inch to be discontinued?

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    Is MacBook Pro 17 inch to be discontinued?

    Is it really true that Apple’s macbook pro 17 inch is going to be declared as dead at last? I have been hearing it since last month but initially I thought that I was just a rumor but later on slowly people started Apple’s beloved customers started discussing about. People got tensed when the news came out to be true, and I was one amongst those tensed people. However even now I am not well sure and confirmed about this news. Is there anyone who knows the exact information about the Macbook Pro 17 inch? If it’s really going to be out of the market then why doesn’t Apple declare the exact date of the retirement of this model?

    I do not understand by doing this how applies going to benefit themselves as macbook Pro 17 inch has always been one of the well known and most popular laptop by apple. If in case they are coming up with some alternate advanced featured MacBook models then discontinuing this 17 inch laptop seems to be a sensible decision but as far as I know I haven’t heard anything about such new model coming up into the market.

    What’s your opinion about this news? Do you really like the decision made by Apple? I would wish to know much about this news, so guys here I expect a healthy discussion and also expect to know some interesting information about the same.

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    Re: Is MacBook Pro 17 inch to be discontinued?

    Now days people are not really bothered about this 17 inch macbook pro and also Apple have came up at such a stage that “keep going” is the only slogan suitable for them and this is why they are ending up most of their previous work. Obviously they might be having a good reason for discontinuing such highly popular laptop. Whatever the condition is, currently they are not at in a plan to do anything with their other 13 inch and 15 inch macbook pro, in fact they are coming up introducing 15 inch laptop with a highly advanced quality. If they do well in the market then surely Apple might at some point decide to make the same advanced quality laptop as 17 inch.

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    Re: Is MacBook Pro 17 inch to be discontinued?

    Hey I guess you are not really updated with the news about this 17 inch Macbook Pro. Recently yesterday apple officially declared the end of their one of their most famous product Macbook pro 17 inch. This declared this news at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). I know its very much annoying for those users who were really with apple since apple was born. At the conference no one came to know why exactly Apple decided to do so. They didn’t give any clarification or reason for making such decision. Although 17 inch macbook Pro was once upon a time very famous product but now it doesn’t seem to be the same. Other competitive highly featured products are the obvious reason for such drop in the sales of 17 inch.

    17 inch released on 2003 was at that time the only big screen laptop released at that time as there were no other brand laptops with such a big giant size display i.e. 17 inch. Due to this reason 17 inch at that time created a havoc but then later on as time passed on several other similar sized laptops came up with something new in it which 17 inch macbook Pro didn’t have. This took off the craze and popularity of this model and now everything is in front of you. Apple themselves have came up such new laptop that can easily compete their very own 17 inch laptop. They themselves are the core reason for making such a drastic drop in its sales. Maybe this is why now apple believe that here is the right time to put an end at the production of macbook Pro 17 inch laptops.

    Obviously no one would prefer to go for such an old model laptop by spending a huge amount if they are easily getting more better products from the same brand. In simple words it’s the high price and low sales of 17 inch which is forcing Apple to now stop the production and put an end to it as soon as possible.

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    Re: Is MacBook Pro 17 inch to be discontinued?

    Maybe your reason is somewhat correct but I do personally believe that their upcoming models are the main reason for them to go for taking such difficult decision. Yesterday at WWDC not just they announced the end of their 17 inch laptop but also they leaked certain vital information about their upcoming 15 inch laptop. You can consider it as a replacement product for 17 inch which has been now officially declared as dead. They believe that this 15 inch model is surely going to rock and make people excited about it leaving behind the other models.

    The first impression 15 inch macbook pro is its Retina display. The display if this model is something which has been put into lot of discussion. Comparatively it has a lightweight body and 2880 x 1800-pixel display which are other positive impressions that can attract the users. Other than its look, it has a Nvidia graphics, a HDMI and a quad core processor. No matter how close was 17 inch to you but I am sure this latest 15 inch model is surely going to vanish all the memories of 17 inch from your mind. Maybe the reason Apple decided to drop 17 inch forever could be for getting 15 inch model in lot of focus and gain as much as attraction possible.

    After the announcement I am not sure whether apple have really acted fast enough to take off 17 inch Macbook pro availability from their official site. If you were in a plan to buy one for you then i guess it would be much better to go and order it soon. However once 17 inch is completely taken out there’s no one going to even think about it. It will always remain in the history of Apple’s book and 15 inch will be the rising technology in the same book. Try walking along with the world.

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    Re: Is MacBook Pro 17 inch to be discontinued?

    Yeah that’s correct you will have to act soon if you are willing to own a 17 inch Macbook Pro for you. however apple have only declared 17 inch to discontinue but the availability of this model at the market is still going to stay until the stock last. Apple can go at individual relater and ask them to destroy or return the model. The available supplies are going to stay at the stores and retailer and are going to be sold out to the customers. So do not worry you can be one amongst those customer but make sure that you order it as soon as possible because you are not the only one real lover of 17 inch macbook pro. You are not the only one depressed with the news of 17 inch getting discontinued. At the announcement apple confirmed to the Macworld about the availability of 17 inch at the Apple store. Ordering online and visiting the Apple store could be the best thing you do to get the available 17 inch.

    However I do not think that its worthy to buy 17 inch now. As already said above the world has moved and so on the Apple do then why to get back to the old devices and products. If apple has decided to kill any of their products then definitely they must have thought something new and better for their customers. They have not just thought but also they did it, they introduced a 15 inch Macbook Pro with Retina Display which is surely going to make all the 17 inch lovers feel better. Not sure with the price but I guess this laptop is going to come for $2,199. Apple will soon again confirm the price of the product, till then we will have to wait for a while.

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