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Thread: Need Windows 7 64 bit compatible FireWire drivers for Sony DSR-11 DV

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    Need Windows 7 64 bit compatible FireWire drivers for Sony DSR-11 DV

    Yesterday i reinstalled my computer and installed Windows 7 64 bit (earlier it was 32 bit). Everything went fine but the problem am facing now is with the drivers. Especially with my Sony DSR-11 DV DVCAM. Whenever am try to connect it with my system, it wont detect my DSR anymore. There few more problems with this due to the required drivers.

    I tried to search FireWire driver on web for windows 7 64 bit and Sony DSR-11 DV, but dint got any. But still for a try i tried few drivers including legacy and Texas instrument driver but noone of them worked. Anyone has any solution for these then please post.

    If you require my complete system config, here it is:
    • Intel Core i7 2700K
    • Intel DZ77GA-70K Board
    • Se-agate 500 GB hard drive
    • 3 x 4GB Kingston DDR3 RAM
    • Windows 7 64 bit.

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    Re: Need Windows 7 64 bit compatible FireWire drivers for Sony DSR-11 DV

    Well, in such cases you have just ways to get the required drivers for your system and DSR-11. First, scan the official site with proper product code. They must have its drivers. Other than this, you can try searching the drivers from Windows Update. Just connect the device with your computer via USB Cable and turn on Windows Update. Let it search for few minutes. Once it is done, it will show the drivers if available.

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    Re: Need Windows 7 64 bit compatible FireWire drivers for Sony DSR-11 DV

    Even i had very similar problem after formatting and installing W7 64 bit. Actually 64bit operating systems usually create driver issues. In my case i was having oscillator devices which were creating problems while connecting via 1394 firewire port. I tried many thing but nothing was helping me out. At last i bought a third party firewire PCI card having 1394A 4 pin port and extra usb port. Installed it with its driver (driver came along with the device) and now my device is detected by W7 64 bit and offcourse working perfectly. You can try out the same as well.

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