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Thread: Option to enable Bluetooth on startup in ACER 5755G

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    Option to enable Bluetooth on startup in ACER 5755G

    Can anyone help me to find certain option by which I can keep Bluetooth on by default after every reboot. The laptop model is ACER 5755G. It has in built Bluetooth support. On every boot I have to turn on Bluetooth manually. I have some device which is configured with Bluetooth on this laptop. Because of manual startup the connection sometime took long time. To avoid that I need some options or tool which can turn on Bluetooth automatically. I had checked in Bluetooth settings there is no provided like that. Some laptops come with Bluetooth button, which when set to on, it turn automatically when you start the system. This laptop lack such feature. I tried to contact acer for that, but they said there is no option available for that. Now the last thing that I can do is look for some kind of third party software which can do this job. I tried to configure Bluetooth service on schedule task, but that does not work. The place where I work, has wifi setup. So when I turn on Bluetooth for the first time, it takes a bit time. While it works quickly on reboot. Because of which I am thinking to keep this on continuously.

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    Re: Option to enable Bluetooth on startup in ACER 5755G

    Dear Customer

    Kindly share your contact and product details to resolved the same .

    Acer India

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    Re: Option to enable Bluetooth on startup in ACER 5755G

    There is no such tool. You have to do that manually. Even I am looking for tool that can provide option by which can I turn my Bluetooth on and off at specific time only. I had tried to looking on various site, but none of them provide any help on that. There is a application for that on android, not on windows. I had tried to find the same app for Windows, but there is nothing available. I even tried to find any remote that can help me to do that. What mostly I can find is car kit and headset. That simply means, there are not settings nor such device exist. Yet we might need to wait until we can find certain utility that can help use to run Bluetooth automatically. While in Bluetooth remote there we some remote control that can help me to turn it on and off. But this is not recommended for you, as you are looking for some automatic method of turning it on and off. Just for try go on Control Panel > Administrative tool. In that look for Bluetooth service. Right click on that and then click on configure. Check that if you can find any option there to configure this device.

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    Re: Option to enable Bluetooth on startup in ACER 5755G

    There is no option for that. You have to do that manually. I had seen some devices which provide time base wifi controlling, but they are meant for industrial purpose and might not fit in your laptop. So better give up the idea.

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