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Thread: Is there any iPhone theme for Windows Phone

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    Is there any iPhone theme for Windows Phone

    From where can I download iPhone skin for Windows Phone. I had tried looking on certain sites, but they just offer wallpaper. I need the entire theme that can change the background, icons and if possible the interface completely. I hope there might be something developed for this. Because after going through number of discussions on this I found that there is no such theme available and the one which are available are poorly developed. Also it is better to get customization option for modifying my windows phone into iphone. Like manually adding new icons and changing the home screen. I am quiet bored with spb shell. I am looking something similar to that.

    A full package that can be run from mirosd card. I am using a unlocker app for the home screen which is similar to iPhone. The slide bar to unlock the home screen. But it is very laggy. Also are there any themes available that can help me to fully customize the phone. Like change icons as per my choice, auto change of background screen, custom keytones, etc. Is there any tool which is available by which I can customize the phone via desktop. Thanks.

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    Re: Is there any iPhone theme for Windows Phone

    There are skins on web. But it is not recommended to use. Because after applying those your phone might work slow. I had found a skin on iPhone. Unfortunately I do not have the download link. This was divided into two parts. First was Unlocker. This is the unlocker app. It allows you to unlock the phone by swiping it and second one is launcher. This launcher app gives you reflection of iPhone menu on your screen.

    You can see similar iphone icons and background. It does not really look great, but the quality is very low and there is no option to customize it. It is some .ini format. In my views I will recommend you to use those themes which are actually made for Windows Phone. They are simple to use and can be removed easily. There is no UI transformation pack yet available for Windows mobile. I had also seen a iPhone Transformation pack on torrent. But not sure that it is effective or not. You can try that on your own risk. The download size is about 90 mb. You have to copy paste that entire folder in your microsd card and run the setup.

    It will modify your phone icons and make it completely look like iphone. If you find it buggy then try to get rid of it via application manager. I am too looking for a simple portable iPhone skin. Just wants to modify the icons and the look. That's all. This is also quiet light to use and does not make your phone slow.

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    Re: Is there any iPhone theme for Windows Phone

    I am not sure whether this is worth or not, but I had seen some site selling an iPhone theme for $9. They give a screen shot of theme that is used in Windows phone. Does this really work. In my case I will never buy that. Maximum themes that are downloaded from web basically does not work in some 5.x version. And may be laggy or poor on 6.x version. Rightnow Windows Phone 8 is going to appear soon which has more rich interface where you do not really require iPhone skin. I would advice you to go on web and download the compatible skin as per your mobile OS version or you can do is download a Windows phone theme creator.

    This is a small software which can help you to make your Windows custom theme. You can arrange the icons files from web and compile them properly to generate your costume theme. This work mostly and you have maximum option to customize the phone as you want. I had used this tool a number of time. It works well. All you need is to find the right icon files with proper image requirement. You cannot just fix any of your choice. For better performance you will need to meet the requirement or simply download Windows phone icon pack from web.

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    Re: Is there any iPhone theme for Windows Phone

    There are no applications available to make custom themes for Windows phone. There was one which is discontinued by Microsoft. What more you can do is modify the wallpapers. If you want to replace the icon and replace entire gui you will need to make changes in the phone system files which if not done properly can affect the entire phone. So keep a backup of the same. For transformation pack there are some packs, but they do not provide you to change the phone look into iphone. I found one app called as iPhoneToday. This app helps to make a iPhone skin for Windows. But never tested. I was been to some forums where users were discussing on this. Also I am not aware that this is for Windows phone. It offers similar icon animations and swipe support. You can try to find the download of app that I had mentioned.

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