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Thread: What to do if iPad screen is broken

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    What to do if iPad screen is broken


    What to do of accidentally you broke iPad screen. I need some help here by which I can restore that easily. I had seen many website on web which sell touchscreens and other parts of various products. Recently one of my friend had replaced his Nokia phone screen with this own hand. He ordered the screen with kit to open the phone and as per the instruction mentioned he replaced it. It worked fine.

    Is there anything similar available for iPad. I am not able to find any repair kit for it. Just a couple of day before my friend got cracked on his screen. It works still, but looks ugly. So I am looking for some simple way by which we can replace the screen and make it work as it was before. On ebay there are number of kits that are made to repair iPad screen. They are charging upto $100 based on the problem. Can I order a screen from there. And will it work properly.

    I am not sure whether they provide official iPad parts or not. I had seen a range of LCD screen sold by them which according to the website will surely work on existing iPad. If I carry the tablet to service center, it might be more costlier. I can save certain amount here by replacing the parts with my own hand. But I had not knowledge about this product.

    Is there any video on web that shows how to do this.

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    Re: What to do if iPad screen is broken

    There DIY screens called as Digitizers. But for iPad there can be lack of availability. You can purchase this Digitizer kit and fit the screen on your own hand. But if you do not know about opening gadget like iPad, I will not recommend you to do that. This only work if only the upper glass is broken. If the screen is damaged to great extent then it is better that you must avoid it. Screen damage is the most common issue here.

    The first thing that I will recommend you to is visit Apple center. You might get better support their. They have all spare parts available which cannot be found in local market. Also they will give you proper work. If you found that too costly then you can try carrying this to any repair shop. There are many non official repair shop. They do not provide you genuine replacement, but cheap alternative.

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