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Thread: How to Unlock AT&T Fusion Android phone

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    How to Unlock AT&T Fusion Android phone

    Want help to find unlock steps for AT&T Fusion Android phone. My uncle gave me this phone. He had purchased that from AT&T. The phone looks some make over of Chinese phone. But good for basic usage. I want to use this for games and downloading apps from Google play.Now to add my sim I will need to unlock it. Is there any way to get this unlock via some Android app.

    Luckily this is a prepaid phone. When I search on Google about this, I found a site which showed me how to unlock the screen. There is nothing mentioned about anything related to network unlock. Is there any code that can be used. When I tried to find the model of this phone it was mentioned as U8652. This models is not related to any branded phone like Samsung or Sony Ericsson. Anyhow leaving them apart, I need some guide by which I can unlock it. I tried to find some apps in Google Play but all those are fake apps. Also there is no rooting possible on this model.

    I will later on try to contact AT&T to get some help on the same. They will surely charge for the service. Before that I need some suggestions how to unlock it. I need safe steps not something which can make the phone dead permanently.

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    Re: How to Unlock AT&T Fusion Android phone

    Take the phone to any nearby mobile shop. They will do that for small fee. It is not require to download any special software and overwrite the rom to unlock it. I had did this before for a Motorola AT&T phone which was purchased from US. It cost me around Rs. 400 to get unlocked. There are some sites on web which offer you unlock code on line. They charge for that. But I had heard that many of them are fraud. So if you see any of those site which ask your phone details and promise to give you the unlock code, do not spend on that. There are tons of mobile shop which offer you easy unlocking. Your phone is network lock, and to unlock it, you have to overwrite the firmware. Which is not possible for us to find. While compared to this phone, this process is much easier in some branded phone like iPhone or Samsung smartphone. Just by overwriting the phone rom it identifies all kind of sim.

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