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Thread: Blackberry Curve 9220 does not support 3g

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    Blackberry Curve 9220 does not support 3g

    Now is there anyone who can confirm the news with me. I have already been told by many blackberry users that blackberry curve 9220 is no way going to support 3G, is it true? I have tried it multiple number of times and failed all the time. I wasnít really aware of this thing. If I would have already known that blackberry curve 9220 is not going to support 3G then I might have went for some other brand rather than choosing blackberry. I am not a mobile freak also so therefore I never keep myself update with any deviceís upcoming features at all. The only reason I went for this model because when I went to the store I learn that this was the only latest release amongst the mobile phone and already I have noticed a lot that people do praise blackberry phone at most level. I thought I was lucky enough (and also smart enough) to get this phone which wasnít true.

    However I wonít believe unless I will confirm the news completely and until I get satisfied. I want some expert people to comment on it and I am sure this is the right place where I will get to read them. So friends please help me in letting know the fact, does blackberry really do not support 3G? Also if possible let me know the reason too. Expecting a lot from there, hope I will get the correct answer from here.

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    Re: Blackberry Curve 9220 does not support 3g

    Nobody lied or fooled you, blackberry curve 9220 really does not support 3G and there is nothing to get shocked or surprised because it was already said even before its launch that the phone will not come up with a 3g support. Also the main purpose of making this phone was reveled entirely. This phone as actually made to keep the cost level of a blackberry phone low which would come under any normal middle class userís budget. The main motive was to see blackberry in everyoneís pocket (even who canít afford it) and fortunately this is what happen within a short span of time after its release. Obviously you canít expect much in a low cost mobile phone. Once if a phone is cheap, understand that some of the features are bound to be eliminated. Manufacturer do inform the common people about all the positives and negatives of a device, its our responsibility to understand them and list the required ones under our consideration so that while purchasing the device it would be much better for us to get the best suited device. If blackberry curve 9220 does not suites your requirement then better return it and go for the one that supports a 3G connection.

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    Re: Blackberry Curve 9220 does not support 3g

    Yeah thatís right, itís the customerís responsibility to choose the products that meets up their requirement. Manufacturers makes the product considering the sources available to them (they canít come to you personally and make phone as per your wish). Same way, the main motive of Blackberry 9220 was to target social networking like facebook, BBM, twitter and other networking site. And another target was to make the phone more cost effective as already said above. The only thing I would now say is to go for this phone only criteria meet the above specs. Else go for something else.

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    Re: Blackberry Curve 9220 does not support 3g

    I do not understand how the cost of the phone affected the current basic feature of the phone. I can let you know many phones that come for low cost but still supports 3G. For example Nokia Asha 302, this phone comes up with a 3G connection and costs $150. Canít comment on its price as different people see the price range as according to their point of view but when you compare the price with Blackberry Curve 9220 it is far much greater than Asha 302. Blackberry Curve 9220 costs $210 without a 3G support which is very much annoying. Anyways eliminating the features like 3G just to reduce the cost is not acceptable at least not when it comes to blackberry. They are one of the best manufacturers of smartphone.

    I can understand that they didnít do it purposely as their intention as to improve their so called pricing but however they should have at least came up with some other device cheap device that would support 3G. no matter if the pricing is bit higher. Hope blackberry read this.

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    Re: Blackberry Curve 9220 does not support 3g

    Do not worry; blackberry need not have to read your post to fulfill your request. They have already done it. For your kind information thereís another blackberry curve model which is, in my opinion, going to release soon by this month. Itís Curve 9320. This phone has 3G support; in fact it has all the existing features of 9220. Just you can take it as, 9220 with 3G support. I am not well aware of the pricing of 9320 so I canít comment on it right now. If you are not satisfied with Curve 9220 go for 9320 without any 2nd thought.

    Blackberry do not do anything without reason, if they have made Curve 9220 without 3G support for $210 then there might be some reason for that. No matter how small they make the phone; they make it the best way possible so better do not compare it with anything else.

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