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Thread: Video streaming and downloading not supported on Nokia Asha 201

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    Video streaming and downloading not supported on Nokia Asha 201

    I recently purchased Nokia Asha 201 and while reading the manual I came across the part where it was written that this phone supports video streaming and downloading. So to try out this feature, I recorded a video and upload it on YouTube. But this didnít happen. I also tried downloading a video from YouTube but it too wasnít possible. I contacted the Nokia customer care centre and they said that since Nokia Asha 201 is new phone, YouTube must not be recognizing it as a valid design. But on researching I found out that Nokia Asha 201 doesnít support video streaming and downloading. Can anyone tell me if there are any alternative softwares for video streaming and downloading?

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    Re: Video streaming and downloading not supported on Nokia Asha 201

    Mentioning that Nokia Asha 201 supports video streaming and downloading must be a printing mistake. It is a known fact that this phone doesnít support video streaming and downloading by default. But you can use third party applications that will provide you feature of video streaming and downloading in your Nokia Asha 201. One is SPB Mobile TV which will provide you a good amount of TV channels that you can watch on your mobile phone. It provides around 150 channels that are free for public. It will also provide a TV guide which will contain information about the TV shows and programmes of that day. With its on screen controls, navigating between channels becomes easier. This software needs a connection with high speed internet connection. This software also has proper function if the network you are using keeps fluctuating. Other applications for streaming or downloading online videos are TubeMate YouTube Downloadr, Live Tvs, Jigsee Mobile TV, TV to go, MoboTV player and uTube Streaming and Downloading.

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    Re: Video streaming and downloading not supported on Nokia Asha 201

    If you want to upload your own video on YouTube or any other video streaming website, then Iíll suggest you to use Motion JPEG Player. This is good software if you want to capture low quality videos and upload them for quick sharing. This software will run on any Java based phone without any problem. It plays videos only in M-JPEG/JPEG streams and the audio in streams of G.711 64 Kbit/s. The best feature of this application is that it provides some basic video editing options too that can be used for rotating, scaling and positioning of the video you have captured. You can also send this captured video directly using the email and MMS feature. For this special options are provided. The video captured using Motion JPEG Player can also be used in jad files.

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