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Thread: 3g data lost on LG Optimus Elite

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    3g data lost on LG Optimus Elite

    I am having a LG Optimus Elite and I did not had any issue with the same and everything was working fine. Today I donít know what went wrong and when I tried accessing the internet then I found that 3g data was lost. I donít know what caused the same, I have tried rebooting the phone several times but the 3g data is just not there. I just wanted to know what might be the possible cause of this issue??

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    Re: 3g data lost on LG Optimus Elite

    It’s hard to guess what might have caused the issue as it occurred suddenly. Anyways you can get the 3g data back by contacting your network provider, they will send back the data through sms. You can also get the 3g data immediately by just inserting other sim card in your phone and then inserting your sim card. When you do so you will get 3g data in a message. I am not sure if it is applied by all the network provider, just give it a try and if you don’t get it back in that way then you will have to contact your network provider.

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    Re: 3g data lost on LG Optimus Elite

    Virgin 3G Settings:
    • Connection - Virgin 3G
    • Modem- Select Cellular Line (GPRS)
    • Access point name-
    • User name- your name
    • Password-password you desire

    After entering the same open advanced setting and select ďUse server-assigned IP addressĒ
    • Proxy -
    • Port - 8080

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    Re: 3g data lost on LG Optimus Elite

    If your carrier is virgin then I will like to inform you that this has been a common issue these days and a number of people have raised the same. The virgin support seems to be aware of it and they are working on a fix for it as well. The cause of the issue has not been cleared yet by now, some people have mentioned that their 3g data was lost after they had installed some applications and so. I am not very as my carrier is not virgin but I have come across people complaining about the 3g connection. Even though people are having all the network bars in their phone they are not able to do fast surfing and all.

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    Re: 3g data lost on LG Optimus Elite

    Yes my carrier is virgin, even I have installed some applications recently but I donít think they might have caused the same. To cross check it out I have contacted the virgin support and have addressed them the issue. They seem to be aware of the same but they did not say anything about the cause of it, they just said that they havenít reproduced the same at their end. Anyways they have sent me the 3G Setting, I completely agree to for saying their 3g speed is not that fast. I have been using it from 15 days and have noticed quite a time that the network bars are full even after that phone takes more than 5 seconds to load WebPages.

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