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Thread: Using Bluetooth headset with Skype on android mobile

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    Using Bluetooth headset with Skype on android mobile

    I bought a new Bluetooth which I use to listen music, calling etc. I tried this Bluetooth with many phones and I loved the output. But now when I am trying to connect it to my phone and call someone using Skype I am not able to talk, it behaves as if it is not connected to the phone. So I would like to know how to fix it ? Is there any software that i need to install to make it work with skype or any setting to be done ?

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    Re: Using Bluetooth headset with Skype on android mobile

    I am using Sony Ericsson MW600 stereo Bluetooth headphone which supports A2DP and I am using that with my Samsung Galaxy S2 for calling purpose weather it may normal call or call using Skype it works very well. But one day when I was using it while riding my bike sudden it started raining heavily and my headphones stopped working due to water going in it. So I got a new Headphone Motorola H710 Bluetooth and connected it to my phone I was able to talk when I call from my phone but was not able to talk when I call using Skype. So I think that Skype only supports A2SP profile Bluetooth head phones. So you need to check if your headphones has A2Sp support or not.

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    Re: Using Bluetooth headset with Skype on android mobile

    Ok so you mean to say that Skype do not supports A2SP with Android phone. And in other words Skype do use media audio channel and not use phone audio channel for Bluetooth. But almost all the Headphones which has A2SP only has media audio channel and other Bluetooth has phone audio channel. I think Skype developers should give some option to use both types of headphones.

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