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Thread: cant change memory location from phone to memory card on Nokia Asha 200

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    cant change memory location from phone to memory card on Nokia Asha 200

    Hey friends, I am unable to change my memory location. I have newly bought my Nokia Asha 200; from the time I purchased this mobile I noticed that what so ever I save in this phone it get store in the phone memory. Tried hard to get the location changed to memory card but always failed. I am unable to find the option for changing the memory. Everyone knows that the phone memory is always limited so therefore I can’t expect it to save all the data. I still have lot more to do and feed lot of things like contacts, applications, music files, images and videos into the phone, however now I am not facing any problem but once the phone memory will get full I will won’t be able to carry on feeding data into the phone. I know there must be an option available for doing it but as I am a new Nokia user I am unable to search for the option. Please help me out and let me know steps for changing memory storage.

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    Re: cant change memory location from phone to memory card on Nokia Asha 200

    Yeah, you can sure do it in your Asha phone. I guess for most of the Nokia phone for changing the memory remains the steps remains the same. Anyways here in Nokia Asha 200 for changing the memory follow the following steps:
    Go to Options > Settings > Memory in use

    Here you will obviously get two option; Phone Memory and Memory card. Choose Memory card and that’s it. Now your phone’s memory has been changed to memory card. Whatever data you will feed, will go to memory card and get saved there. Enjoy feeding the data now.

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    Re: cant change memory location from phone to memory card on Nokia Asha 200

    I really do appreciate the answer but I guess you should have explained it in a much better way. I mean you have given the option correctly but the problem is that you actually didn’t give the exactly steps for changing the memory.

    In Nokia phone different tasks have different way of changing or choosing the memory. Like for example, if you want to save any downloaded file from internet or anything that you got from some other device, you need not have to do anything just after receiving the file. select the file (file is highlighted) then press option, there you will get “Move to”, then rest is obviously in your hand. After selecting “Move to” option you will get the expected options. Select the desired one and enjoy.

    While using camera for saving the clicked image and captured video you will have to deal within the camera, click on option

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