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Thread: Best screen protectors and cases for LG Optimus Elite

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    Best screen protectors and cases for LG Optimus Elite

    I purchased a LG Optimus Elite yesterday and I am currently exploring it. Once during exploring it slipped from my hand. Nothing broke as I was lying on bed the phone fell on the cushion. But in future if same thing occurs, I would like to be on the safe side and for that I will need some protective gear for my LG Optimus Elite. Can anybody tell me about some good hard case which I can use to secure my phone if it ever falls again?

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    Re: Best screen protectors and cases for LG Optimus Elite

    You can find LG Optimus Elite Rubberized Hard Case which as the name suggests is specially made for LG Optimus Elite. This hard case is a good alternative to the big sized pouches and leather cases people usually use to keep their smartphones in. This cover provides protection to the phone as well as enhances the looks of the phone. Since it is made of rubber, it can be easily stretched. The installation of this hard case is very easy. You have to just stretch it from both ends across the phone and snap it around the phone. Since this case is designed for LG Optimus Elite, there will be no issue of loose ends or improper fittings. All the measurements of the body of LG Optimus Elite will be exactly fitting to the internal part of the hard case. This hard case will fit along with the smartphone so well that no button will be covered by it or you won’t find any difficulty in accessing any slot of the phone. The rubber used is so thin that, you won’t find any bulkiness or different thickness in your hand or pocket. It will seem that you are holding the phone itself.

    It is also durable and won’t break easily. It will also protect your body of the phone from getting scratched. Because of the matte coating used on the hard case, it will also provide a good grip in hand as well as on sloping surfaces. You will find this hard case in many colors like Black, Blue Green, Hot Pink, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Smoky Black and Frost white. The hard case is also found in design pattern body. The designs in which you will find this hard case are Snow Leopard, Rainbow Zebra, Rainbow Polka Dots, Pink Hearts and Flowers, Black and White Zebra, Magenta flowers and black Vines, Blue Skull, White and Pink Skull, White Hawaiian Flowers and Pink and Black Leopard. This hard case is also available in transparent form and also made of silicon. The silicon version of hard case for LG Optimus Elite is available in Black and Pink color only.

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