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Thread: Battery life of LG Optimus Elite is very poor

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    Battery life of LG Optimus Elite is very poor

    I have bought LG Optimus Elite and I am not having any issues with its functionality actually but it’s that I am finding its battery life to be very poor. If I am using it normally with some widgets on the screen then it is just lasting for 10 hours and not more than that. I have to charge it after every 10 hrs approximately. I just wanted to know if this is an issue in my case or others have faced the same with it. Is there anything that i can do about the same for saving its battery?

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    Re: Battery life of LG Optimus Elite is very poor

    As far as I am aware the battery life of these phones mostly depends on their use. I mean it won’t last longer if you are using multiple apps or leaving some apps running in the background. I have come across a number of people complaining about battery with latest Smartphone’s as well. Anyways if you don’t think that this issue is due to the way you might be using it then I will suggest you to better try out factory reset and see if it is making any difference in your case.
    • First turn off the phone, press and hold volume down key + power button and release the keys when it turns on. After you enter the android system recovery menu then use the volume down key for highlighting “wipe data/factory reset” by scrolling and press menu button for selecting the same. Now select “yes” in the same way and click on menu.
    • Once the process gets completed then the just scroll down and select “reboot system now” and press menu button for selecting the same. After that the phone will boot normally and it will be restored to its factory defaults.

    I also wanted to add that before trying out this better take backup of the personal information’s that you might be having on the phone as after restoring the phone to factory defaults those data will be lost. Just try it out and post back the result that you get after that.

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    Re: Battery life of LG Optimus Elite is very poor

    Here are some tips that you can follow for saving battery life of LG Optimus Elite:
    • Lower the Backlight On time, turn off wifi and Bluetooth when not in use.
    • Turn off the gps when you don’t need the same as a number of applications might be using it draining your battery.
    • Charge your phone when the battery is completely drained.
    • Turn off Automatic application sync.
    • Close unnecessary applications and Running Services.
    • You can make use of Power Control Widget for deactivating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Synchronization etc.

    I am quite sure if you follow this then you will get battery life. Hope that helps.

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    Re: Battery life of LG Optimus Elite is very poor

    Even I am using a LG Optimus Elite and even I was experiencing poor battery life but after following below things I am able to conserve the battery life:
    • Reduce backlight brightness and backlight timeout: from home screen> tap Menu key> Tap Settings> Tap Display> Tap Brightness> drag the slider to the lowest level> tap OK. After that Tap Screen timeout> and tap on the lowest comfortable timeout setting> tap Home key to save the same.
    • Do not use live wallpaper: For that tap Menu key form the home screen> Tap Wallpaper> and choose some other option rather than Live wallpapers. After that scroll and select the wallpaper that you want and then tap Set wallpaper.
    • Make sure that you are not Leaving Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi hotspot when they are not I use: for disabling then go to Settings menu> tap Wireless & networks> uncheck Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. For disabling Wi-Fi hotspot just tap Tethering & portable hotspot> uncheck Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
    • Disable gps when not in use: For that go to Settings menu> Location & security> uncheck Use GPS satellites.
    • Disable unused running services and applications: For that go to Settings menu> tap Applications>Tap Running services>tap on the service or application> Tap Stop.
    • You can set your phone to download or sync less: For that go to download or sync less> check out for Accounts & sync and tap on the same> tap options under General sync settings> tap on the account that you might be using> uncheck Data & synchronization.
    • You should turn off the vibrate notifications: For that go to Settings menu> tap Sound> Tap Vibrate> Tap Never> Tap Home key when done.

    You should also charge the battery on regular basis.

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