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Thread: Playstation 3 games should be played on PS Vita through remote play

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    Playstation 3 games should be played on PS Vita through remote play

    I just saw an video over internet where it was shown that we would be able to use Playstation Vita as the remote controller for Playstation 3. The video showed the basic Playstation 3 controller being replaced by the Playstation Vita. The video also showed Wipeout 2048 being played on Playstation Vita and then the video being transferred to the Television screen via Playstation 3. Is it true, because I read the manual that came along with Playstation Vita and I didnít find any reference to the remote play in it? I searched the official website of Sony to find if I need any application to achieve it, but I didnít find anything. I wanted to ask, if the remote play between Playstation Vita and Playstation 3 was true or was it a fan made video? If it is true, then is it restricted to some specific region or what? I stay in Liverpool, England and I am unable to do it?

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    Re: Playstation 3 games should be played on PS Vita through remote play

    Actually the remote play that you saw is just a concept under development. It is true that such thing will be coming in later future and it will also be possible. Since Playstation Vita has such a powerful processor of its own and also the graphic processor is of high quality, it would be possible for the developers to achieve the remote play on Playstation Vita. This remote play part was recently demonstrated in Tokyo by Sony and the developers said that they are still working on it. Just developing the remote play isnít where the work for developers will end. They will need to make it reach to each and every person who desires to own it. At present no confirm news and any details of Playstation Vitaís remote play are available. Sony said that to achieve this remote play in any Playstation Vita, they will need to update the firmware.

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    Re: Playstation 3 games should be played on PS Vita through remote play

    I donít think that this feature will be restricted to any region. It will be open to all the regions in which Playstation Vita is available. I think that best advantage of this feature will be that a single person wonít need to buy multiple Playstation 3 controllers. From my experience, I needed to purchase extra controllers so that I can enjoy playing games on my Playstation 3 with friends who donít have it. But now with release of remote play feature, one would not need to buy extra controllers. If his friends have Playstation Vita, then they can directly start playing the game. It is a good innovative idea from Sony. Talking about restriction in connectivity, Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita both have Bluetooth connectivity. So it will be possible to connect them using Bluetooth. If one is trying to connect using Wi-Fi, then it might happen that router which the person is using may not be programmed for connecting to Playstation Vita or maybe the service provider must be restricting it. This can be one chance of restriction, but I donít think there can be any restriction over the connectivity using Bluetooth.

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    Re: Playstation 3 games should be played on PS Vita through remote play

    I still donít understand how Sony will achieve remote play between Playstation Vita and Playstation 3. I mean the screen of Playstation Vita is small while the television to which Playstation 3 is connected will have such a large screen. In the official video of this remote play for Playstation Vita, it is shown that it will be possible to play Killzone 3 on remote play. It is shown that Killzone 3 is being played on Playstaion 3 and then it is continued using Playstation Vita. The graphics of Killzone 3 are so high quality and so heavily detailed, how will it be possible to play on small screen of Playstation Vita. I know the graphic processor and the main processor of Playstation Vita are of high quality, but I donít think that it is powerful enough to support Killzone 3. The screen resolution of Playstation Vita is 480p; I donít think it will provide support for Playstation 3 games. Again, the resolution of the games meant for Playstation Vita is very low as compared to the games made for Playstation 3. So if I play a Playstation Vita game on television using the remote play feature, the graphics will be stretched across the large screen. This will cause loss of details and all the fun will be lost. So I think that even though remote play between Playstation Vita and Playstation 3 looks cool and innovative, the existing games wonít be possible to play as shown in the video. But since Sony has shown lot of innovation in their past projects, I think they will even sort out some alternative to the mismatching details of the games for Playstation Vita and Playstation 3.

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    Re: Playstation 3 games should be played on PS Vita through remote play

    Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita both has Bluetooth connectivity. So it will be possible to connect them using Bluetooth
    Playstation Vita and Playstation 3 could be connected using Bluetooth in it. But I donít think that Bluetooth 3.0 will be able to transfer data at such a high rate. I mean in the video of remote play uploaded by Sony, it is shown that game like Killzone 3 can also be played. Transferring an image of high resolution and of so many colors will take an ample amount of time by use of Bluetooth. It would take at least one second for transfer. Just imagine a game running at framerate of 24 fps. It would take around half a minute to have one second of game being played.

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    Re: Playstation 3 games should be played on PS Vita through remote play

    The only way I find it possible to have Playstation Vita as a controller for Playstation 3 using the remote play feature is the Wi-Fi network. I stay in the region where one of the worldís high speeds Wi-Fi is available. But even after this, I think that there will be a slight delay in the transfer of data from Playstation Vita to Playstation 3. If a Wi-Fi which is slow is used, then I think that it will take around two to three seconds for a single command to be executed in remote play. If I press the jump button for the character, it will be after some three seconds that character will jump.

    Let me elaborate what I mean to say. When you will connect your Playstation Vita with the Wi-Fi router it will take around two to three hops to get connected and then to maintain the connectivity. The command that you will send from your Playstation Vita will need more six to seven hops to get it to the server of the ISP. From your ISP server to the other server to which your Playstation 3 is connected, it will again take five to six hops. To send from the server of your home network to the Playstation 3 you are using, it will need more two to three hops. So if all these hops between the devices and the servers via internet connection, it will take around 13 to 19 hops. Again the processing time by the server, the routers and the devices will have their separate time. So if all the time is combined, I am sure a noticeable delay will be seen in the gameplay. Again if some command fails to complete its path, then it might be possible that it will affect the gameplay very largely. This whole thing will become more complex and slow when someone uses an public Wi-Fi hotspot to achieve a remote play.

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