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Thread: Are you comfortable in using Siri

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    Are you comfortable in using Siri

    As my title says, does everyone is comfortable in using Siri. The reason is that, till today there is no proper app that can easily carry out voice commands and the trailer that I saw on Apple sites shows Siri more than a voice app. It follow your voice commands and also interact with you. Does it work properly or there is need of more improvement. I had tried to test this on my friends iPhone but it took lot time to understand my accent.

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    Re: Are you comfortable in using Siri

    I am not. The issue is related appropriate voice recognition. Siri sometime takes long time to provide appropriate solution. I had tested this at the time of traffic while looking for any direction, siri does not respond where there is too much voice around you. Also Siri use a online database to provide proper solution based on voice search. And if you do not have nice internet connectivity then there will be constant failure. So at that time it becomes useless to use.

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    Re: Are you comfortable in using Siri

    I had tested that on my friends phone, and once your voice is properly calibrated it works nicely. It is right that the app faces issue when there is lots of voice disturbance. You need to ensure that whatever you say should be clear enough. Siri uses an online database to give the most appropriate solution for your issue. It is quiet a innovative stuff done by Apple and I hope in the coming version this will be made more unique and simple.

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