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Thread: Wireless connection drops continuously on Playstation Vita

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    Wireless connection drops continuously on Playstation Vita

    I have a good Wi-Fi network in my home and usually I get full network on the other devices that need Wi-Fi connectivity. But when I use Playstation Vita, the network bar is showing very low amount of signals present in the surroundings. This remains same even if I am 10 feet away from the Wi-Fi router or I am standing close to the Wi-Fi router. The network for Wi-Fi doesnít cross 50% of its total capacity. I have tried connecting other devices like iPad, iPhone and a laptop, all were getting full network in the Wi-Fi zone. Also if someone is using internet via the Wi-Fi, the internet speed on computer to which it is connected goes low. But when I connected Playstation Vita, there was no decrease in speed of the internet on my computer. Does anyone else too experience fall in Wi-Fi network on their Playstation Vita?

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    Re: Wireless connection drops continuously on Playstation Vita

    I too saw this low Wi-Fi network in a Playstation Vita many times. I was in a cafeteria with my friend some weeks ago. This cafeteria where we were eating is a Wi-Fi hotspot. So he had his laptop switched on and the network for Wi-Fi was around 80% of total in his laptop. As compared to his laptop, my Playstation Vita had only 40% of the total Wi-Fi network. Another bad thing about Wi-Fi in Playstation Vita is that it automatically connects to the network without asking for permission from the user. I think that there must be some prompt which will ask before connecting Playstation Vita in any Wi-Fi network. I think that this is done by Sony purposely. The battery life of Playstation Vita is very low and to get full Wi-Fi connection, it would need to spend more battery. Thus to avoid, exhaustion of battery in short time, I think that Sony has kept the capacity of Playstation Vita connecting to the Wi-Fi restricted to a low level.

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    Re: Wireless connection drops continuously on Playstation Vita

    Playstation Vita isnít made for hardcore internet surfing. The main purpose of having Playstation Vita connected with internet is to register the high scores, get the trophies designated at a specific score and to play games in multiplayer mode. For these purposes, I donít think that you need some high speed internet. Even a basic internet will suffice. This can be one reason why Sony must have kept the capacity of Wi-Fi network that of Playstation Vita restricted to low level. Also most of the people keep playing games on their Playstation Vita. So for example, if I am playing game on my Playstation Vita and it is in a Wi-Fi zone in my home. On the same internet connection, my sister must be doing some important work on the computer and she must be needing internet. So if my Playstation Vita is consuming a large amount of bandwidth, then it might happen that it will slow down the internet on the main computer. So even if I am playing games, Playstation Vita will keep on consuming bandwidth. This will deprive the person who needs internet speed of the bandwidth. I think this can also be a reason.

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    Re: Wireless connection drops continuously on Playstation Vita

    Actually the low Wi-Fi connectivity you see is implemented by Sony to provide security to the Playstation Vita. On laptop or a desktop computer which works on Wi-Fi network have enough processing speed and computer power to have anti-virus installed in it. But in Playstation Vita, these features are not available. Also since it allows one to connect to Wi-Fi, it may happen that one might connect it to unsecured and unsecured Wi-Fi zone. If high speed Wi-Fi connection would have been provided, Playstation Vita would unknowingly download unwanted or malicious data. So this low Wi-Fi connectivity will try to check the inappropriate data from entering it. Even then if you feel that Wi-Fi speed much be better, you can contact Sony for the solution. Maybe the issue must be related to software and flashing the firmware might solve it.

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