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Thread: Loading Majora's Mask crashes Wii

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    Loading Majora's Mask crashes Wii

    Either there is something wrong with the console device or the problem is with the game I am trying to play. From the time I have downloaded Majora's Mask I never found it working into Wii donít know for what reason. All the time I try to play this game, it loads and then crashes nintendo wii. There is not even a single moment where I have been able to play this game. No matter what I do. One of my friend suggested me that there might be something wrong with the downloaded game so therefore I removed it and downloaded all the way again but still the problem is same. During the load time it crashes my Wii game. Now trust me this the first time I am facing such problem, I have never seen my device behaving so weirdly with freezing and crashing. Other games do play well without causing any trouble, its only Majora's Mask which ends up give Wii so much of problem. Anyways currently the status is that I have stopped playing this game just to stay away from any trouble harm my Wii device. But I canít do this for a longer period of time as I would love to play Majora's Mask, this is one of my favorite game somehow I wanted to play it. Please help and suggest me something as soon as possible. Waiting for a helpful reply and suggestion.

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    Re: Loading Majora's Mask crashes Wii

    My friend, I cant help you out with any kind of suggestion but yeah I can at least share my experience with you about Majora's Mask game as even I am facing the exact same issue. Just for confirming whether the issue is same I would like to share the exactly things that happens when I try to load this game in my Wii.

    Everything seems to be fine when I turn on nintendo wii and click on the gameís channel, the game then begins as I start and a logo appears for identifying the controller
    The game starts loading, later on after a while during the load time the screen gets suddenly hanged and freezes and also a weird kind of noise comes out of the device and this noise continuously without any interruption. During this point of time the wii crashes freezing everything which ultimately annoys me a lot.

    Thereís another interesting thing I would like to share. In my case I found that the problem started from the time I interrupted the automatic update that was going on in my Wii. Unknowing once I disconnected the Wii connection and due to this the automatic update got badly interrupted and from that time onwards I encountered this issue. But if automatic update is the main reason they why I am facing the crashing issue only with a single game and not with others? Rest everything is working fine as already said above. Also sometime Wii does freezes with the shopping channel. I mean, even if I go on to visit the shopping channel Wii automatically freezes but it do not happens every time like it does with Majora's Mask.

    While visiting the shopping channel if I am not fortunate enough the channel goes totally green and ultimately as usual Wii freezes. There is something to do with the automatic update but I donít know what exactly it is. Some please help me out and let me know whether I have guessed the cause correctly. If interruption of the automatic update is the real reason then what should be done in order to get things placed properly?

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    Re: Loading Majora's Mask crashes Wii

    Not exactly interruption of the automatic update is the reason for your problem but I am sure that it is your unitís firmware that is causing the problem. as according to my long experience I can only say that whenever we get any crashing issue with Wii or such above described green screen then believe that there is something wrong with your firmware. Anyways in your case either your firmware is corrupted or else its is compatibly working with your Wii. What you need to do is get the Wii device repaired from the Support center, this is the only solution that I can suggest you. Go to Nintendo and get it repaired. If in case your device is not under warranty then I guess they might charge you for the repair. I am not sure but they can charge you around $70 or $80 for the same. For such details you can simply contact the Care center and get everything confirmed. They will surely provide you all the correct details.

    The best part is that if you decide to repair your device once from the Center you might get a new warranty of another 1 year or may be 2 years. So now with the device repair you can possibly get another advantage of sending your device for to the care center without paying any amount.

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