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Thread: Which are the best HTC phones for this year?

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    Which are the best HTC phones for this year?

    I am a big fan of HTC Smartphone’s and planning to buy a new one for myself. I am not aware which are the new HTC devices available in the market as present. Along with this I would also like to know which HTC devices have been the best phone for this year ?

    If possible please let me know the specification and features of the devices you going to mention here. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Which are the best HTC phones for this year?

    There are many models of HTC which were launched this year including some best phones that are really working well now a days. Few of them are HTC One X, HTC One V, HTC One XL, HTC One S, HTC Titan II, HTC Velocity 4G.

    Out of all these, I would like to say HTC One X remained the best phone for the year. I guess it also beated Samsung's new Galaxy S3. HTC One X is powered by 4-PLUS-1 Tegra 3, it has amazing polycarbonate body because of which it gets more better looks, while the 4.7" second-generation S-LCD of HD resolution on the front gives great view to Sense 4.0 and Android 4.0 Ice-cream sandwich.

    Furthermore there is 1GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory. I think that is enough for storing, as there is no slot to use Micro SD Card as expandable memory. It also has good 8 MP Autofocus camera with LED flash; face detection and geotagging. This phone is not capable of using 3G video calls without using any third party application. And it also does not have a proper dedicated camera key so that is a major drawback for that if anyone likes to click their own pictures that person cannot do that. But over all I think this is a very good phone to go for.

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    Re: Which are the best HTC phones for this year?

    I would give you some Pros and cons of some HTC Smartphone which were launched last year but they are still booming the market.

    HTC Wildfire S


    • It has a solid and tough body
    • It has amazing features on HTC Sense 2.1
    • It has a very good capacitive touchscreen
    • Great image quality of Camera.


    • It has less powerful processor
    • Video recording is not that great
    • It do not support DivX/Xvid video
    • And it is a bit expensive as per its features

    HTC Sensation


    • Good build up
    • It has fast processor
    • Its screen shape is really eye catchy
    • Perfect keyboard
    • It also have slick 3D animations


    • Very low battery life
    • Poor quality of images
    • Video player unpredictable
    • Camera is not very fast

    HTC ChaCha


    • It has amazing Facebook combination
    • Conscious user interface
    • Great touch quality
    • It has a good battery life and it gets charge pretty quickly


    • It has a small screen
    • Its Camera is not that good
    • Flash on websites do not work

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    Re: Which are the best HTC phones for this year?

    Apart from Android devices, if you want to you HTC with Windows OS, than HTC HD7 is very good device. It has good processor, great hardware support for the OS, amazing touchscreen compared to other smartphones. It also has dual flash, great sound quality, and because of the rough fiber plastic we can get a very good grip on this phone.

    But as everyone knows a coin has two sides so In this case also it is true that there are some problems in this phone too. For example it has a very short battery life. If you use your phone continuously for an hour or so it will heat up really fast. This phone has a chrome finish at the bottom which is a good part but it get wears off very quickly.

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    Re: Which are the best HTC phones for this year?

    HTC One X has the better screen, it's non pentile, higher PPI and produces more natural colors. There is also an f2.0 28mm lens with its own dedicated image processing chip whereas if compared to Samsung Galaxy S III only has an f2.6 3.7mm lens with no such chip. GS3 has clearly copied (or tried to) the One X camera such as burst mode and pictures whilst recording etc. The choice is yours! What is clear to me though, no longer Samsung is the best android phone, as the HTC One X is a very worthy opponent; it all depends on what you’re looking for.

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