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Thread: How to disable integrated graphics in advance bios of Acer Aspire 7750g

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    How to disable integrated graphics in advance bios of Acer Aspire 7750g

    Playing around with the BIOS have always been a fun for me, I love messing up around with the BIOS settings of any computer system although I am not an expert with BIOS options. Thereís always some question goes around into my mind with such settings and therefore I end up either searching it by me of leave it unknown. Recently I have bought a brand new Acer Aspire 7750g at my place and guess what? I already had an adventurous visit into the BIOS option of this laptop and ended with few question. I found that there was actually no option available for disabling the integrated graphics and using the AMD 7670m. I know the location for disabling such things on other computer system but in this Aspire 7750G it seems like the option does not exist. However I tried my best and disabled the integrated but in turns I found that the display image completely got disappeared from the screen and I was forced to ultimately reset the entire BIOS.

    For your information let me tell you that I have already unlocked the BIOS. Please anyone if possible just let me know whether it is really possible to disable the integrated BIOS. If yes, then how? Is there something that I am missing out or I am completely unaware of? Please do let me know and help me out.

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    Re: How to disable integrated graphics in advance bios of Acer Aspire 7750g

    Ok! After reading out your thread it seems like you are really not aware of certain things in Aspire 7750G. As far as I know Acer has now came up with few changes in their latest models like 7750G. If you check you might find that AMD has actually no more allowed the users get any options for accessing either dedicated GPU or integrated GPU. I have researched a lot regarding this problem and always ended up with a negative result. Also checked into the Catalyst Control Center, I didnít see any Switchable Graphic procedure or method. Within the BIOS i guess you can successfully swap as Integrated or Switchable but however you cannot use just one card at a time on this latest model.

    No one seems to be giving a proper answer or reason for such behavior or feature, nor the Support people I guess. If thereís a problem then why donít they just fix it up and allow the users to disable the integrated graphic and use another. Letís see how people overcome this drawback.

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    Re: How to disable integrated graphics in advance bios of Acer Aspire 7750g

    Yeah, you are right. There is some kind of trouble into this 7750G models of Acer but I donít think the Tech Support have no answer for the same. However they did managed to at least give some suggestion when I called them up. They told me to reinstall the windows, I did the same but unfortunately that didnít help me out at all. I tried the same suggestion several times with no different with the BIOS option at all. without anyoneís suggestion or opinion I also managed to update the latest and newest version of drivers believing that drivers might be somewhere the reason but again that didnít help at all. Simply enabling the integrated graphics does affects the Adobe Photoshop severely. When I try to open the Adobe Photoshop I am always welcome with an error message saying that there is something wrong with the GPU of this machine and that I need to somehow disable it in this program. Lastly what I am going to do is directly use the Switchable Graphic settings and then have High Performance settings both on Photoshop and other games. Expecting a lot from it, letís see how it works.

    I personally believe that some another new BIOS update release might help. Acer really need to either come up with some fix or with the latest BIOS update.

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    Re: How to disable integrated graphics in advance bios of Acer Aspire 7750g

    Hey, I am not sure with the BIOS settings of 7750G but I still feel that there might be the option available that you are looking out for. Once I read in a guide about changing the graphics settings. The said that once if you manage to unlock the Menus of the BIOS and if you are able to access it then you can easily swap or change the graphics. There are certain hidden menus and amongst those you need to get into one menu and able to make your desired changes.

    In detail, if you are able to unhide or unlock the hidden menus you might find a Menu called MCH control Sub Menu. Within that menu you might find an option called Primary Display, when you select this option you will get 4 or 5 sub options such as Auto, IGD, PEG, PCI, SG. Now amongst these options I guess PEG is the one that you need to select. As far as I know this option is ATI-only mode and it might disable the Intel graphics. Look I am not sure but I would request you to please try out this option and let me know what difference you see in your laptop. Make sure that once you make the changes you simply reboot your machine and then check the necessary things.

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