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Thread: SMS Problem with Nokia 2310.

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    SMS Problem with Nokia 2310.

    I am currently using nokia 2310, the phone is really good, I am facing some issues with my cell phone. I am getting a error message when I am trying to send sms from my cell phone, the error message appears in french language "L'envoi du message a échoué". I tried to reset it to factory settings but nothing got changed. I have not touched the configuration settings of the phone. I have used my sim car on other phone and i am able to send the sms via other phone do you think its hardware problem of the phone ?

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    Re: SMS Problem with Nokia 2310.

    Are you getting sending failed message for you all sms when you are trying to send ? Then you must check few settings on your phone check it below.
    Menu > Messages > Message Settings > Sending Profile > Select the first profile highlighted (normally this is the default):
    You must send the sms to the message center number, check with your service provider and check number is correct. Its not a mobile phone numbers its a special number to send sms from your operator.
    Send message as: text
    Also: Menu > Messages > Message Settings > Reply Via Same Centre > No

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    Re: SMS Problem with Nokia 2310.

    I have tried the below function.
    Message center number : it's the correct phone number (I've checked with my operator)
    Send message as text : OK
    Reply Via Same Centre > No. OK
    But I've always the same message : "sending failed"...

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    Re: SMS Problem with Nokia 2310.

    I would suggest you to do the following things on your cell phone.
    1. Remove the battery of your phone.
    2. Restart your phone and check whether you are facing the same problem again.
    3. If you are facing the same issues then you must try some other sim card in your phone.
    4. You can take your phone to nokia service center. Just click on the "Repair and recycle" on the top of the page to get more details of your nearest service point.

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    Re: SMS Problem with Nokia 2310.

    Even I had the same problem with this cell phone you can try out the solution which actually worked for me in my cell phone.
    Delete all the sms from your sent items I hope this may resolve your problem.

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