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Thread: Is there any special ebook reader for Arthritis patient

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    Is there any special ebook reader for Arthritis patient

    I have some clients who are suffering from Arthritis. In-order to provide certain reading material the agency who is taking care this people has called me up. They ask me to provide some models of ebook reader which are suitable for them. It must be easy to use and does not affect anyone. Is there any model available.

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    Re: Is there any special ebook reader for Arthritis patient

    There are many new models. Also there is no specific models available only for arthritis patient. So you have to figure out by features. For example people who are suffering form this illness needs a simple navigation support. There should not be any kind of strain on their hands. The best ebook read would be the one which can provide soft touch buttons or voice control. Among them Kindle Fire which touch keyboard is the one which I will recommended. The buttons offer you smooth touch and easy navigation. Changing the pages via touchscreen can be painful. Also they people must not use it for long hours. That should be limited to some time period so that your hands are not in much use.

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    Re: Is there any special ebook reader for Arthritis patient

    You can go for any touchscreen ebook reader. But I will not recommend e-reader with button. because that can be painful and also limit the usage.

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    Re: Is there any special ebook reader for Arthritis patient

    Yes go for any good touchscreen reader. That will be better. Also do not keep holding the reader in your hand. Find a appropriate platform and then keep them on it. Use a stand or any hard surface to keep in on and by simple press the patient can read content. Comparison to touchscreen, button can be painful. Also check that your ebook reader must have a good library management. Because if there are number of documents then the people must not face issue in controlling the books. Kindle is nice and very simple to use. But comparison to that iPad offers you a better books management. Some the reader offer you memory card support to carry more books. Going with the traditional and low model can be beneficial. Also in the first post as it is mentioned that a good ebook reader with voice recognition is far more better.

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