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Thread: HP Elitebook 8440p laptops and KVM switch

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    HP Elitebook 8440p laptops and KVM switch

    As already mentioned in the title, I am facing some problem with my Elitebook laptop and KVM switch. before explaining you the issue let me first tell you something about the connection of the laptop, in order to extend the desktop my laptop is setup to the external monitor and I havenít faced any problem until yet due to this connection. I have only connection established only to one external monitor but when it comes to establishing a connection or switching through the KVM to the desktop results in some unusual thing. I have noticed that the video or the things that were supposed to be displayed on the desktop monitor were by default deplayed on the laptopís display itself. Over all the external monitor doesnít seems to be showing any video on it and most importantly the issue doesnít stops until here, also you can notice that the display of the laptop keeps on blinking as if someone is turning off and on the display however during this period of time the desktop monitor seems to be fine with no such blinking trouble. I think when it comes to establishing the connection with the KVM the desktop monitor doesnít seems to be connecting properly.

    Trying the same with some other HP laptops doesnít show any kind of such similar issue. Obviously if thereís no trouble or issue being encountered with other model then definitely there is something wrong only with the 8440p model and not with anything else. I am not able to make out any other thing that could be responsible for this issue; definitely its either Elitebook 8440p solely responsible for the problem or it could be the graphic driver that is installed into the laptop causing the problem. as far as I know this laptop has an Intel HD integrated graphic driver and there could be chances that this driver software has gone corrupted and therefore causing such problem. anyways I cant confirm anything until and unless I get someone with the same issue, at least with that I will be able to compare the issue and make out the exact cause of the problem if possible. so guy anyone having Elitebook 8440p laptop and KVM switch with them and facing problem like me?

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    Re: HP Elitebook 8440p laptops and KVM switch

    I too have such similar issue with my EliteBook 8440p but in my case I have a Belkin OminiView SE 4 port KVM switch and using this switch if try to connect to the desktop I could get the display at 640x480 but then later on after few seconds suddenly the display goes off and when checked it came back to the laptopís display. Everything was quite strange, when I try to connect the same laptop to another panel directly then the display would work fine.

    I was really clueless what exactly was causing such issue. initially I tried my level best to get the issue solved but then I found that nothing was working for this problem so I simply decided to contact the HP support center and from there I was suggested to contact Belkin for the same. they told me that there is nothing wrong with the laptop instead I need to actually get the KVM firmware update. Now the most funniest thing that I found was that thereís no such firmware update for the KVM switch (hope you all knows it).

    You have guessed it very well, the issue has something to do with the Graphic driver, actually the Intel HD graphics driver is the faulty Extended display Identification Data i.e. EDID. When consulted an engineer he told me that the problem is too small and by simply getting the latest Intel HD graphics driver the problem can be sorted out. if you really need the latest driver then you can get it from the HPís official website.

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    Re: HP Elitebook 8440p laptops and KVM switch

    Yeah thatís true the problem is exactly with the HD graphics driver. you need not have to roam here and there for the driver, just CLICK HERE for downloading the drive, click on the link and save the file. Before you try to download the file it is better that you know certain requirements and criteria for having this driver installed into your system. this driver is mostly compatible with Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition but other windows OS are also compatible with it. This driver is of total size 18MB and version is these were a sort of specification required for this driver to work properly within a system. now you need to know some important thing about the installation of the driver.

    As I already told you that first you need to click on the click on the link that I have mentioned above and then save the file if prompted with the save window and then download it at some particular folder. After downloading double click on that saved file and then install it by simply following the instructions.

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    Re: HP Elitebook 8440p laptops and KVM switch

    My Elitebook 8440p appeared with the same issue and guess what? I found a solution. Earlier I struggled a lot with the problem but somehow I managed to get things fixed. When I press fn F3 key the system goes to sleep and then obviously we are suppose to login again when we move the cursor and wake up the system. Now at the time of login the system is completely reset and therefore the extended screen works just fine. I know this is quite funny and also annoying but itís the only way out I have found until now that could help with this problem. At least putting the system in sleep mode is better than reboot the whole machine all over again. Just give it a try and let me know the result.

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