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Thread: Viber 2.1 for iPhone and Android

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    Viber 2.1 for iPhone and Android

    Is there anyone who is using the viber application on their smartphone?

    As far as I know that the Viber is available for 4 famous mobile platform and they are iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry phones. The main usage of this application is to make free phone calls and text messages to anyone who has the same Viber on their end. It is all about the first version which I am talking about. But now I have got a download (upgrade) option for Viber 2.1. But it is currently released only for iPhone and Android. Is there any using it this new version? What are the new things or features came along with is new update.

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    Re: Viber 2.1 for iPhone and Android

    You already know a lot about the viber application. You can call it is a replacement of facetime or other messaging apps on iphone. As for Android it could be replacement of Whatsapp messenger or any. The best thing is it is free and it will only cost you the data plans. I can see it is a best replacement of skype who wants to make international calls or text messages over 3G or wifi. The voice clarity is also very good. You donít need to pack up any additional contacts. You can call directly through viber using phone contacts.

    However the new version 2.1 which is released for the iphone and Android contain 2 main features and they are Picture and Location Messaging. The new apps also come with few improvements. There is a new voice engine, picture messages and location tagged messages. The developer of viber working hard to enhance the capability of viber up to the limit. Change in voice quality can be easily noticed. You will get somewhat HD quality calling even over the EDGE networks where there is a low bandwidth.

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    Re: Viber 2.1 for iPhone and Android

    Viber is a fastest growing VoIP service and free of cost. You donít have to pay extra money except for data plans. So far more than 20 million downloaded and registered for the viber service and it is growing fast. You can download the app directly from any official app store depending on the type of phone you have. I donít like the location sharing feature since I donít want to reveal my location. But I definitely like the photo sharing feature added in version 2.1. I have been looking forward for this option to come up. I can now easily share my photos with my friends and family members at an instant of time. This feature is very easy to use.

    The uploading does not take much time. There is also an option to share photos with your social networking sites via email or directly. I hope that in future days the viber will play a vital role in communication but I am not sure how long they will provide free service to users.

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    Re: Viber 2.1 for iPhone and Android

    After hearing so many comments and good remarks about viber, I finally decided to install the viber 2.1 on my Android phone. Actually I am using the Samsung Galaxy S3. It was first running android 2.3.3. I installed the viber app and it worked fine. It can message and call directly using my phoneís contact list. It was working like a charm. Then I had a chance to update the phone to Android 2.3.5. I did so and then once again installed the same app but this time Viber does not able to run in the background. It started crashing and then phone itself restarted. After the restart, it throws me a shipped error long saying viber has crashed. I had to send the log file to viber helpdesk but I didnít email it yet. Is there any way to solve the issue?

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    Re: Viber 2.1 for iPhone and Android

    v2.1.6.632 is a latest release which comes with several bug fixes which were noticed in Android phones. Users who are experiencing the problem with viber on Android phone should get this update. I am not going to tell what fixes it included. Even having such bug I donít want to switch or replace this app since I really like few features. First one is, it runs silently in the background without draining much battery power. So there is no problem to receive calls and messages.

    There are no third party ads and all. Everything is free over there. The developer had assured that they are going to bring more and more features and also for few more platforms which are lacking currently. One example is a Symbian. I would definitely like to see one coming for Nokia Symbain phones.

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    Re: Viber 2.1 for iPhone and Android

    There were several known issues with version 2.1.6. Some of them are as follows:
    • Android phone which installed vibes suffering from Audio issue where they were hearing poor quality audio on selected phones only. The issue something like low volume or one sided audio.
    • Some Bluetooth enabled phones are also not completely compatible with this app and suffering some minor issues.

    Well, the vibes help desk have revealed that they are not able to resolve all issues reported but they are trying to bring fix as soon as possible to make the app very stable and working. They need to apply proper adjustment since each android device from different manufacturer gets tweaked and implemented individually.

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    Re: Viber 2.1 for iPhone and Android

    People love this viber due to its attractive interface. Now the Viber 2.1 got a refined interface which will be very easy to pick up. The messages tab has been shifted to the left of the screen. Now it is very easy to access. From inbox or existing text messages you can directly make free calls using the ďFree callĒ Button at the right top of the app screen.

    Whenever you receive a call from someone else Viber will automatically open using Google's C2DM. But your mobile has to be logged in Google account. But the problem is when the Viber is not running or not open on your phone, you will not get anything on it. This is really a big drawback. But when you open the viber, it will show missed call notifications but messages will receive as usually.

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