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Thread: Taking indoor photos from Sony Xperia U gives white layer?

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    Taking indoor photos from Sony Xperia U gives white layer?

    After getting Sony Xperia U. I decide to take some photos of my home. I took first outside during sun light. The pics were awesome and very clean. I didnít see any drop is resolution there. But when I started to capture indoor photos I have observed that every one of them covered with white layer. I turned on the flash light because there was no enough light inside the room. So I captured pics with flash on and guess what, i got good picture quality. But still pics are little dark. I am thinking about replacing the phone now. What you guy say ?

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    Re: Taking indoor photos from Sony Xperia U gives white layer?

    What I liked about the Xperia U is, it has a decent 5MP camera which is capable to capture good quality images. The white layer you are seeing on photos is not due to the problem with the camera but it is due to the poor surrounding light. Usually in any phones with flash on while taking the indoor photos you will see such kind of layers surrounding the image. It happens due to the poor flash or due to the high rate of reflection.

    The Flash light which is coming out from the phone might be reflecting heavily back to the camera thus causing white layer over the image. When there is a direct contact of light to the camera lens, you will definitely notice such poor images. So while taking photos you should always make sure that there is no direct light focus toward or flashing near the camera. Even you will see such kind of poor pics during the daylight. Whenever you try to take the photo of sky or bird flying, you will see such white layers.

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    Re: Taking indoor photos from Sony Xperia U gives white layer?

    The 5MP camera on the Xperia U can take some nice photos. The quality photos can be only captured in the right circumstances. In order to get photos with good colors and detail there should be a good lighting conditions. It is not really a issue but most of the phones suffering from this because phones are really not act like a Digital camera. If there is really a poor condition while capturing photos, you will definitely get smearing images. This is the only issue noticed in Sony Xperia U. other than this there are no major things to complaint about. It is not something like bug or software problem.

    Also, Xperia U has a two-stage dedicated camera key. It is little bit tricky to use. You have to press too deeply to take snap. The camera app does not come with a Tap-to-focus. One more problem is, the compression rate which is very high compared to other phones. I hope that it will be changed in next update.

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    Re: Taking indoor photos from Sony Xperia U gives white layer?

    A few users have posted the camera related issues in Xperia U. so it is confirmed that taking photos in dark areas is not the best thing using this phone. It is already loaded with the final software and I donít that it will get any more update soon. The Sony mobile phones are best known for its image quality in any condition.

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