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Thread: Hp Tm2t 2100 Touch Input not working

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    Hp Tm2t 2100 Touch Input not working

    Is this a common problem with all HP TM2T laptops? Mine is a brand new model which I bought last week, didnít even used it well trough out the week as I was quite busy in my other activities. But even then, donít know for what reason the laptopís touch screen completely became responsiveness. I think the touch input is totally dead. Bit confused whether such touch screen issue comes under hardware category or software.

    Anyways when I consulted my friend he told me to consider this problem technically and also he told me that there might be something wrong with either the drivers or the BIOS or most probably it could be also the problem due to the OS. Now after trying my hands on the entire listed thing I got more sure that at least they are nowhere the main cause of the trouble. The first thing I did was completely uninstalled and reinstalls the Windows OS, after install the OS again the next task was to update the BIOS as according to the instruction and then I updated my graphics and wacom drivers. After even adding and modifying all these things the touch input remained same with the issue. Thereís nothing left from my side to do.

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    Re: Hp Tm2t 2100 Touch Input not working

    The only thing I doubt in your case is the screen. Look to be frank I am not a technical person but after reading out your thread and affords I can say that your issue is not as simple as you are thinking. All the experiments that you have performed should have at least helped you out in some manner but seems like either your problem is too short that could probably be solved by a simple reboot or the problem could be with the hardware like the graphic card or the display itself. I personally doubt your display screen. Might be your laptopís screen has lost the ability of the touch input. If this is the case then I think it is better contact the support center for the confirmation. They are the one who are very well aware of the hardware issues.

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    Re: Hp Tm2t 2100 Touch Input not working

    You need to be technically strong and very smart with the hardware assembling for both reading and trying out my suggestion. I have got the fix for your trouble, I am not sure but I think it might help you out somehow. So please try out the following trick and let me know the result:
    • First of all you need to open up your laptopís screen and for doing so you need to unscrew the screws that are present at the bottom of the laptopís screen. Once you remove all the connected screws make sure that you open and separate the top screen casing and the bezel of your machine.
    • The reason I told you to get the bezel is because it helps you to detach the screen from the hinge. But anyways if you arenít able to get the bezel then you need not have to worry just focus on the other screws that are fixed tightly for protecting the screen display. You might find such 4 screws, just remove them and then slowly and softly try to move the machineís screen toward the opposite direction.
    • After moving the screen you might find a connector at the right corner side of your laptop. Almost in all the touch input cases it was found that the connector port was not properly place and also the HP Customer care themselves have confessed that such loosely held connector does create the issue with the touch screen of the laptop.
    • Now if in case your connector is not proper or not fixed well to the port then make sure that you place it properly and tightly and once you are done also see to it that you tape the connector port properly in such a way that it wouldnít come out in future. Use the same tape that is already fixed on the connector port.
    • In additional you can also manage to keep or attach some soft kind of things like foam just to get more safety to the connector port. Place the foam at the backside of the port. You can stick it with some adhesive. Do not take any risk (test the connector port by applying certain pressure upon it). Once you are sure that everything is placed properly just get everything back to its place, put the screen and fix the screws onto the holes.
    • I am sure this might help you out because this is the only trick that has been officially been suggested by the HP Support themselves. So better give it a try rather than trying out some other weird things and failing (perform this task only if you are technically aware of the laptopís aspect).

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    Re: Hp Tm2t 2100 Touch Input not working

    I too had the same issue my dear. My laptop is a month old, however it worked well without any problem for two to three weeks but then from past few days I found that I am always welcomed with a notification or you can say an error message saying that my USB device is not working at all with the touch screen and the pen function. Believing that I could get to the root cause of the issue I started researching for the trouble and within the hardware profile I found something interesting, there it was mentioned that one of my USB device has been turned off by the Windows. The windows actually got a message where it was mentioned that the device was not functioning properly and therefore a request to turn off the device was made.

    I thought uninstalling and then reinstalling the device might help me out and therefore I did the same and also tried my best to get the USB driver update but all the time I end up getting a message by the windows saying that the device is not working fine and therefore it has been disabled. I am not sure whether we both are sharing the same cause of our problem but the reason I posted my issue over let you know that windows update could be the main targeted solution for such similar issues.

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