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Thread: Download Viber for Nokia symbian phones

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    Download Viber for Nokia symbian phones

    I have Nokia N8 Symbian phone. I heard about a Viber Application from my friend. Viber Application is for free calling and messaging to any other Viber user. it is also used for international and sound quality on Viber is more clear than normal calls. All feature of viber is absolutely free and no need to purchase later. My many friends using this application on Iphone and suggest me to use this application. But after searching i found that it is available for Iphone, blackberry, Android, Windows Phone but I couldn’t find for Nokia.

    I search on internet but it is not available for Symbian OS. Anyone knows where to download the Viber application for Symbian phone or any other same application is available for Nokia N8 Symbian phone. Thanks In Advance.

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    Re: Download Viber for Nokia symbian phones

    I am using Viber application on my Android phone. It is really great application to make free calls and text. I really love this application. It is still in under development processes for Nokia Users. I wish if they could make Viber also for Nokia users in near time. If you want to know about latest release and more detail for Viber on Nokia releases then check this page Viber Support and Knowledge Base.

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    Re: Download Viber for Nokia symbian phones

    I Have Nokia 5800 Xpress music phone. I am using whatsapp messenger for conversation on my friends. But it does not have calling feature. But yeah, with Viber we can even make calls and send SMS. So , I tried to download the viber for my Nokia but it is yet only for Iphone, Blackberry, Android and windows phones, and not for Nokia mobiles. So, I contacted to Viber Support about this and they told me they are working Viber project for Nokia and it is under development process. They also assured me in near time they will Definitely provide the viber for Nokia Users.

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